May 24, 2013

Oh Daisy-licious....

This is the most delicious BOM..
 Jenny of Elefantz launched her new BOM today.

 Mondaisy is block one of this new BOM Daisy Days

and its adorable... so fresh and so fabulous....just cute as!

 Don't you just love it!
 You can check out Jenny's blog HERE to see all the photo's
 Or pop into Jenny's Craftsy shop and purchase block one HERE

 I have picked my fabrics and threads to match..going to use a layer cake.
YES its Fig Tree Fabrics again...I just love Fig...
 I have printed out block one
ready to stitch when I get a free minute or two.
 So I am now adding it too my monthly List.
 Want to join in... Pop to Jenny's blog and join the fun!
 there's even a blog for us Daisy-doers too!

 Sweet Daisy Days!
 Hugs Dawn x x


Unknown said...

Such a pretty stitchery, and no surprisesmthatyiu chose fig tree, one of my favs too:). Relax and enjoy. Xx

Unknown said...

Oops, sorry about the typos, still getting used to the keypad on the iPad .xx

Maria said...

Jenny,s BOM is stitchery is beautiful. Enjoy stitching it Dawn.

Larissa said...

I'm looking forward to this one too (couldn't you tell from my FB comments?! ;) Haha!!). And, lol of lol's ... I was contemplating my layer cake of California girl too, after finding out the fabric requirements!!! Great minds!! ... I've not printed out my pattern yet - not letting myself until I finish this assignment - but it is the first thing I will be doing once that's finished!!! SOOO looking forward to making this one!! xx

Wendyb said...

We can keep each other going Dawn....I'm doing this one too!!!! Can't wait! xox