May 30, 2013

Quince, quince, yummy...

This last week a friend shared some quinces with me....
 She has a tree in her garden.
 I had never tried them before or even seen one before.

They are in the same family as a pear and an apple.
 They smell a little like a pineapple and vanilla..
 Have a very furry looking skin..
 I decided to cook a few up and make some Quince paste..

You can't eat them raw..they are too bitter.. so they need to be cooked.
 I found this recipe HERE and went to work..
 Usually on the stove top it takes 5 or 6 hours to make Quince paste.
With a Thermomix it takes about 1 1/2 hours.

My kitchen smelt really nice while it was cooking.
Then we had to try it with some Camembert cheese and crackers,
The color eludes me as it should be a redder texture
but the friend who gave them to me said that
 it was tasting good and she's a chef!

It tasted almost exotic to me, 
I enjoyed it heaps, then it was cheese and rice crackers for afternoon tea.
 Next time will be a glass of red , cheese and crackers with quince paste I think.

Now I have some quince's left so will add it too some apple pies I think
 or maybe try some quince jelly......
 I am so glad I tried this fruit and it will definitely be 
a tree maybe to plant in the future..

Sweet Hugs Dawn x x


Jeanette said...

How lovely of you neighbour to share quince with you. I have to buy my quinces. I love quince jelly & have made a batch of it along with quince curd. Picked up a couple more quince today to make more jelly. :) Hugs,xx.

Ali Honey said...

It's lovely isn't it. I have made quince paste in the past, but unffortunately our tree died after a few years.

Monika said...

I know Quince Jelly from growing up in Germany, and here in the Far North of NZ we have a tree also. Unfortunately my family are not keen on jellies, so I have gone and made preserve at times (not necessarily their most favourite due to texture but they have eaten it :-)). My neighbour tells me the more sugar you use the redder it turns out - with a type 1 diabetic not practical so mine turned out a yellowy-orange :-)

Sue SA said...

My father loves Quinces so I brought him a tree years ago and we use to enjoy stewed quinces for dessert. I have a vague memory of Mum also baking them like a baked apple? Mum tells me that her homemade quince paste is also pale in colour, but who cares if it tastes good!

Jo in TAS said...

I love quince paste. I found out today you can freeze fresh quinces for later use, just throw them in the freezer whole and you don't need to peel or core them to cook, just strain it after cooking.

Wendyb said...

ive never tried them either....must come down for a taste!!! *wink*
xxxx big big sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Marilyn said...

I do like quince paste with crackers and cheese, so am a tad envious of your snacks. Had never thought to make it - though I would need to find a supply of quinces first. Well done on your first experience of quinces to make something so good.

Susan said...

Could I buy a thermomix just for quince paste...I wonder???
But I'd need a tree too - I imagine by the time you buy the quinces it wouldn't work out all that cheap - though of course "nothing added" Cheese crackers quince paste - all sounds great.

mammafairy said...

I suspect longer cooking time would also let it get redder- looks lovely though!