March 19, 2014

'Stitched" 3...Sunday Stitching day

The beauty of organising an event is we can 
plan surprises.... and that we did, us Four Nutters..
 On the Sunday once the room was set we asked the ladies
 who were anxiously waiting
 to come inside and find a table to sit at...there was 50 altogether.
 Below is the group photo which we had fun taking...LOL

 We introduced the designs of the day from Fee, Joy, Vicki and myself
 Then the 3 guest designers Jenny, Marilyn and Vikki,
2 of which were surprises to the ladies.

 We keep the secret till the actual day. It makes it so much fun.
 Lots of suspense..... oh they try to guess but we keep tight lipped!

Then out popped the surprise of all surprises.
 Oh to hear the gasps and ooh and ahhs was lovely...
 The beautiful Rosalie Quinlan joined in on our fun stitching day...
She was so much fun and everyone enjoyed chatting with Rosie,
 gleaning little hints about stitching from her, getting lots of advice.
 Rosie's laughter and joy is infectious....

 On the last night us Nutters went up to Jenny, Vikki and Wendy's room
 to say some goodbyes till next time. 
And we had a photo shoot while we were there...

My Bestie..Fee Fee. Love this lady to bits....

Love this lady too, a special Joy
 Now where's a picture of the rest of the gang I wonder?????
 Who didn't want there picture taken...umm, then bombed the pics too.

 Vicki..... she did it....LOL

 Here is Joy, Fee and myself after 
we all bought the same Katie Hill purse at DFO..
so hilarious, we were all looking at the sale purses...
 then we realised we wanted the we bought them...

 On the way to the airport to go home we got squished
Well those in the back seat did....he he
Sandra, Judy and Joy and Fee's suitcase.
 Oh this was a wonderful weekend...met some wonderful new friends, 
 some old friends and had a ball. 
If you want to join us next year for LGS in Brisbane,
 keep a look out for the registration announcement.

Let's Get Stitched pattern release from me tomorrow.... 
and a special delivery for me!

 Happy Days to you!
 Hugs Dawn x x x


Marilyn said...

It is so lovely reading everyone's posts about the weekend - kind of stretches it out. Great to see the photos too. Cant wait to see you again in Brisbane. It's going to be fun - of course.
Hugs xxxxx

Susan said...

I know you all had a ball - and I am so glad you are all coming to Brisbane next year...its been a long time since that meetup in the park - moved to hotel!!

Roma Patchwork and Crafters Inc said...

Reading all the blog posts has been so much fun. It really does make it so exciting that you will be in Brissie in 2015.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your fun times. Thanks for sharing!

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh too funny Dawn ..... it wasn't that l didnt want my picture taken it was no one wanted to have a photo with me maybe it's because I am so tall and everyone being way shorter just dont like being next to me unless I am sitting .... I got big feet & big everything haha .... was a fab weekend and I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves & had a good time & that means all my planning & organising went well. hugs xx Vicki