March 18, 2014

'Stitched' ... away with friends.

I am back home and back to reality 
after my 'Let's Get Stitched' weekend away.
Here's my Project kits ready for packing.

 Having a weekend away with girl friends is the best 
and especially when you get to meet new ones too.
 We started the day off really early at 4am...
 Off to the Adelaide Airport for an early flight to Melbourne.
 Once in Melbourne, Judy (my travelling partner) 
and I met up with Fee and Sandra.... for coffee...

Then a spot of shopping at DFO before we booked into the hotel.

 I think the glasses suit Fee better than myself.

 Once we booked into the hotel it was so nice 
to look at the skyline of Melbourne...from afar
with a bit of history to see too..We were 6 floors up...

Here is Joy, Vicki and I playing the Nutters...On the meet and greet Thursday.
 It was Fee's idea and I have no photo evidence of her playing too.
 There is some somewhere I am sure...

More pictures to follow of our weekend...

 Happy Tuesday

 Hugs Dawn x x 

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Larissa said...

Was so lovely just going back in time with you just now hun!! This was SUCH a wonderful weekend, I can only hope the next 287 days fly by quickly so we can do it all over again, lol!!