June 11, 2016

A visit to Hat Creek Quilts!

A few months back I surprised Fee with a visit for her birthday.
 I flew to Tasmania on the Thursday and stayed till the Monday.
It was a fabulous time of relaxing and sewing. 
Lots of sitting & chatting with copious amounts of coffee.

On the Saturday (Fee's actual birthday day) we went for a stitching day at Hat Creek Quilts.
Oh just being in Deidre's home/shop was inspiration enough,
let alone having one on one instruction along with all the gorgeous fabrics and quilts.
We stayed for quite a few hours joining in with one of Deidre's stitching days with lots of ladies chattering and laughing. We had a yummy lunch and Birthday cake of course for Fee.

The Hat Creek cottage is filled with the most adorable quilts and knick knacks.
Lots to look at and gain inspiration from.
Some L.G.S ladies will remember from our bus trip in March.
 It felt like travelling back in time along with the fantastic views of the country.
  I'd say if your ever visiting Tasmania,
 you must go for a visit or a stitching day. You will not regret it.

  I am loving the table runner I chose to make.
 I had never done wool applique before and I must say I am hooked.
 I have not used the original colors but it looks so so Spring cheery.
 I bought the pattern while I was there and had chosen some wool 
when I was visiting in March.
It was perfect for the pattern I thought.
 Now to finish the last little bit of blanket stitch and I can put it together.

Off for a cuppa and possibly a little stitching.
Enjoy your weekend!!

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs  
Dawn x x


Sue SA said...

Love the wool work, such great colours and a pretty pattern.

KaHolly said...

How lovely! Would loved to have need a mouse in your pocket. What a beautiful design! I like your colors best! XO

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, wonderful visit that sounds! I love your wool applique, too. Thanks for sharing that beautiful design.

Christine M said...

Your table runner looks great, Dawn. I love the bright coloured wool. xx

Susan said...

Love the colours and pattern . . . .

Janet said...

Very pretty table runner! Sounds like you had a blast.