January 06, 2019

Happy New Year to you all.
I hope your excited for the year ahead. I usually write lots of goals but this year I didn't write too many. A few personal ones which I can share another time.
  I look back on the year before only to reminisce on my blessings and highs...I leave my lows behind me and any failures I can think as a step I need to climb/overcome, not to be remembered again.

I did make these little Face Scrubbies for a few special ladies last Christmas.

 The are to remove makeup and are super easy to make and use with your favorite makeup remover and then pop them in the wash, dry and reuse again. Saves using chuck away makeup wipes. Saves the planet. Gentle on your skin and eyes. easy to crochet, which I did while watching the TV with my hubby. They were well received, now to make some for home here.

It seems like every New Year I get inspired but as the year progresses I get busy and sometimes the best laid plans fly out the window.

 I need craft motivation to keep me going as life throws busy-ness at me. I have been excited about handmade gifts and this last year I did make the scrubbies and a few other handmade gifts. I love that they are unique and handmade with lots of love.

 Brings me to tomorrow. I am excited, My darling friend Fee from Fee's Little Craft Studios is starting her  'Year of Gifts' and I am joining in. There are 50 handmade gifts with tutorials and kits available. Do you want to join in too?
 I may not make every one but if I make half of them, that is 25 little handmade gifts for presents next Christmas and that excites me. 

Looking forward to tomorrow to see what the first little gift will be. 
I also haven't forgotten the protein balls recipe I said I would share, I will make them this week sometime.

Blessings to you and yours!
Dawn xx

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