July 29, 2008

Loxton - It was great for 2008!

Loxton 2008..... What a weekend, truly relaxing, exciting and fun all rolled into one.I have unpacked finally and sort of come down off the high I have been on for the weekend. It has been the most enjoyable 3 days away, doing what I love to do sit and stitch and quilt,how relaxing and chat of course. I met some wonderful women from all over the place ( HI to Georgette, Sarah, Meagan, Danielle, Julie, Leanne) . The first day I arrived about 9.30am and Almond Grove was already a buzz with excitement....ladies with bags, fabric and sewing machines already setting up and looking forward to the next few days. there was 3 groups of tables and our group started with Rosalie Quinlan's "Sally" Doll. Rosie gave us great tips to get started and it was surprising how quick our dolls came them, stuff them like this then make the clothes, this is how to get your dolls head through her the face

then to paint there faces on... very very carefully....
thanks for the tips and the practical demo's Rosalie
here is Tiffany with her "Sally" doll almost half way,and she looked so groovy when she was completed (sorry no pics)
... in Tiffany's favorite colors..............

This is my "Sally" with her face painted, her shirt and pantaloons on........

Now for her hair and ribbons and her dress. I took the dress to my cabin( I stayed at the caravan park) that night to finish but did the most when I got home to Adelaide on Monday.This is my finished "Sally" doll and she is adorable, my 2 yo daughter wants to play with her now! And as my 1yo daughter wants her too I will have to make another one real quick.

On Saturday our group spent the day with Leanne Beasley.......making the "Loxton Vines Quilt" which was designed especially for this is Leanne speaking about it ( I know the pic is not the best but it is so hard to get Leanne standing still)it included raw edge applique and this comes together so nicely I was very amazed at how well it looks. I have only ever done raw edge on small projects but to do it on a large quilt it does look so good. I had bought some fabrics from home for a quilt for my son - he actually picked the fabric and the layout before I went and then all I had to do was choose the vine fabric, I did this with a little help from Leanne, I chose black vines and grey spots. I will post some pics when it is together.
Here is Tricia and Liz late on Saturday afternoon ( I say about 5.30pm) having a quiet one...
still all smiles ...
I will post some more in a couple of days as there are a lot of pictures to share.

Hugs to all....
Dawn x x

July 12, 2008

13 Sleeps to go and more fat 1/4 !

Only 13 sleeps till I go to Almond Grove Crafts for a stitching weekend with Leanne, Rosalie, Gail and Viv. I am so excited...... What will we be making I wonder?... These designers put in so much thought, to come up with a new design for us all to do....Can't wait!

Today at my work they had Fat Flats (Fat1/4) for $1 each if you purchased 10 so I bought 20I have a few things in mind for them but must finish off some urgent gifts first......I am trying to do first things first in regards to sewing....... I can get carried away, as I am an ideas person and get ideas in my head so easily ......... I put things aside to start a new thing and struggle to get back to it... so I will look at these for a little while.......and continue to finish some projects first.
Must go as I want to do some stitching before I go to bed...... and I have to work tomorrow so I can't be late to bed.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend,
Hugs to all
Dawn x x

July 05, 2008

PIF - almost done.

This week I have been working on my Pay It Forward gifts and so have no pictures to show of them - or I would spoil the surprise - they are almost done. I will show you a couple of the things I have made for my swap partners from recent swaps. The first was a real challenge for me - it was to do a quilty - which is a small quilt in a 6 1/2" square. I chose a 'once upon a time' theme and used an old doily that I had with ribbon, ric rac and buttons - sort of romantic looking.
And this is of a cushion I made for a prim swap I was in. It doesn't look that prim, as I tried to make it also shabby for my swap partner cos she likes shabby too. It does have raw edge appliqué on it and I like the look of that technique - sort of prim . I used an old doily for the underneath of the appliqué and added buttons, lace and crocheted flowers for the hearts on the corners. I was very pleased with the way they turned out, and I received lovely swap items back. sorry no pics as my camera is not working again.
I am in a couple of other swaps and find them really challenging and fun. I am in a teeny tiny swap and have to make a gift for a partner and be able to post it for only 50c - wow what can I make - I have an idea..........thinking, thinking....will show pics later.
I also am in a cornucopia swap and have found a lovely pattern... but first to finish my PIF gifts.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be in this wonderful world
Hugs to all,
Dawn x x