January 13, 2009

New Years Plans and Pay it Forward 2009

Happy New Year everyone. I do hope this will post as I have tried a few times with no luck. An update on the last few weeks without boring you. Christmas was wonderful and came and went so quick...... .
Then New Year was upon us and we decided to have a quiet one, so once the girls went to bed and No 2 Son was out at a friends for the night, DH and I did our own thing for a couple of hours and then sat and watched the fireworks on TV...Lovely. I actually tidied my sewing corner as I had put some stuff away quite quickly... like I do when everywhere needs to look tidy yesterday...In a cupboard or suitcase out of sight...get my gist..... I found some UFO's that I had forgotten about and so this year will attempt to finish them . I tend to get excited and go on to a new thing and put aside that what I am doing cos it lost the excitement of the moment.
Maybe cos there was a new year coming I wanted to be tidy and ready for what this year holds. And looking at our calender for this year it holds some wonderful things...I will share as we go along. I do hope and pray you have a happy and prosperous year ahead and get much sewing done if that is your plan. I look forward to reading it on your blogs.
Pay it Forward 2009 (2008 PIF pictured above)
I'm sure most of you have heard of Pay It Forward....I replied to Tozz's Corner for a PIF and so am offering it again this year as it was such a blessing to me to be able to bless someone whom I have not met with a handmade gift. The rules are simple, be one of the first 3 leave a comment on my blog and then add the PIF to your own blog and do the same for 3 others. I promise to send within the next 9 months a handmade gift to you.

Have a great week.
Happy stitching,
Hugs Dawn x