February 18, 2014

I Love Love Love eating warm Rock Cakes!

 Warm, straight out of the oven Rock Cakes are just so delicious.
I have been exploring older recipes of late.

 The kinda recipes my Granny used to make my mum
 and my mum made me...
 Thought I would make the girls some...

They sure love helping bake but I think it's the
 licking of the beaters that gets them in...umm umm..
 I used to love that part too when I helped my mum.

 Warm straight out of the oven.... so yummy soft... 
not the usual rock hard.. ha ha... hence the name

 I usually time them for afternoon tea, occasionally for breakfast
 adding a few spices like cinnamon and cherries 
when having them on a Sunday morning.

Hope you enjoy then like I do...

 Rock Cakes (yeilds 20)

To a large bowl add 180gm sugar add to it
 480 gm Self Raising Flour and 120gm Butter,
rub together to resemble fine breadcrumbs.
 Make a well in the centre
 and add 2 eggs, a pinch of cinnamon, 1tsp Vanilla essence
160ml milk and 120gms sultanas
(any fruit will do, like currants cherries etc).
 The mixture will be sticky.
 Place heaped tablespoonfuls on a lined baking tray and
 bake in oven on 180C for 15-20mins...
 I usually watch them after 12mins to make
 sure they look golden  and not too dark.
 Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve warm...


 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs 
 Dawn x x


February 17, 2014


After fiddling around for a month or so
 I am thrilled I can now upload photo's to my blog..Hooray Hooray.

 This last month has been rather busy for me...
 Home-schooling started and books galore arrived for us to start with..
 Plans were written and enthusiasm was high.

 My Girls love reading but most of all they love craft..
  I have purchased some funky fabric for them to make
 a pencil case for the new school year...
 I also planned a few things for them
 in the scrap booking area too...more on that later.

 This month I have a quilt published in Homespun magazine. February issue.
 Just love this quilt!
 If you live overseas the pattern will be available from April in my Craftsy shop.

 Tiffany's Flowers... all in Fig Tree 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'

 This quilt is for sale if you are interested.
and I will add in a magazine if you purchase the quilt..
 Visit HERE to see my quilts for sale.

Now its time for afternoon tea... rock cakes are warm and ready!
Cup of tea brewed... enjoy your afternoon.
 I'll share the recipe tomorrow for rock cakes, 
I just need to enjoy some right now.

 Hugs Dawn x x