September 26, 2012

Week Three - Let's Build a Kids Quilt

 This weeks block is a variation snowball and is for the larger
applique that we will do in the coming weeks.
 We make three snowball blocks.
 We need: Three 8 1/2in squares for background blocks
 and Three lots of Twenty Four 2 1/2in squares.

Cut your three background blocks.
With four 2 1/2in squares draw a diagonal line on 
the wrong side of the square.
Placing on the four corners like above. Stitch on the diagonal line

Trim each sewn square to a 1 4/in from the sewn line.

 Press the corners out like
 Next take eight 2 1/2in squares and place next to your background square
checking that there are no fabrics the same touching.
 Sew these in a row for each side.

 Stitch to the sides of the block. Press after you have sewn them on.
 Next place the remaining 12 squares top 
and bottom of where you want them to go.

Stitch to the top and bottom of the block.
Then make two more of these blocks
 as we need three for the quilt.
 They can be the different fabrics as it makes it look more 
scrappy if you don't duplicate the placing of the squares.

 Happy Sewing

 Hugs Dawn x x

September 25, 2012

Can't wait to start stitching this little beauty...
It came this morning via the posty.
Its in a cute little tin with a ribbon on it.
 All the buttons to make this plus the pattern and fabric
 ... and I am itching to start it..
Just the perfect gift for Christmas for someone special..

 I bought it from Fee's shop... her new online Shop
Have you visited Fee's shop yet?  If not go HERE
It was in a daily deal one day last week
and they are a must to see, sign up for the newsletter
in the shop to recieve the daily deals via your email.
 They come once a day and must say there have been a many a good one..

Off to bed now for me as it is late and 
all is quiet in my house cos everyones asleep.

Happy Christmas Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 21, 2012

A few delights in the mail and a delightful visit.

 I received a lovely surprise yesterday in the mail... 
a belated birthday present from my dear friend Fee
 It was such a lovely present with some wonderful goodies for me.
 A gorgeous brooch that Fee made... a sweet memory book for secret memories.
A little pocket pouch with an Angel so sweet

 Also there was this book  which I had been
only eyeing off only the night before... I so want to simplify my life.
 Declutter the things that I so don't need anymore.
 This will be a great read in the coming holidays.
 And a pattern for these delightful hexi's shabby yummy.
Fee wrote this pattern for her Hexi club  which you can join in HERE
 It's going to be fabulous...I can't wait till next month.
Thanks Fee I just Love my pressies.

Then today a dear friend visited andbought over this beautiful gift... 
another belated Birthday gift...we had been meaning to catch up for ages.
 A cup of tea and a chat...sweet fellowship.
 I am getting used to belated gifts all throught the year...
 It makes for lovely surprises.

  Two little books, one of Promises and Mini Tea Times...yes please.
 and a fridge magnet. Thanks Julie.

 Thank you for my sweet presents Dear friends,
 I had a fabulous few days...

 Happy Hugs
 Dawn x x x

September 19, 2012

Week Two - Let's sew a kids quilt - along!

 This week is another easy quick week to make this block.
 I called it my window pane block and we make two of them.
  You will need - Eight 5in squares.
 Charm squares are great for this, no cutting.
 I chose a few with a larger print to use.
   Arrange them into two sets of four.
 Sew two together so you have four sets of two squares.

 Join two sets of two together making sure you match the centre seam.
Make sure you have two sets made and put them aside for this week.

 Happy Sewing...
 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 12, 2012

Let's Start Building... Week One!

Week One!
Starting this journey and building some
 gorgeous quilts together is exciting..
 Do you have your fabric ready?
 You can use scraps from your stash or precuts,
 It's up to you. I'm using both.
Here we go!
 From your background fabric cut eight 4 1/2in squares.
From your stash or jelly roll cut eight  2 1/2in strips.

Crosscut these strips into two 2 1/2in x 4 1/2in  rectangles and
two 2 1/2in x 8 1/2in strips.
 Sew the 2 1/2in x 4 1/2in rectangle to the top and bottom
 of your 4 1/2in background square. Press well.
 Then sew the 2 1/2in x 8 1/2 in strips to the sides 
of the background square. Press again.
  Repeat with all eight background squares.
 These will make the applique blocks.
 Happy sewing
 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 07, 2012

Lets Build a Quilt Together - Quiltalong.

 Do you remember a few weeks back I shared here
the quilts I had made my little girls..
As promised I am going to share the making of these with you 
so you too can make a little girls quilt or a little boys quilt.
 The boys one will be exciting and it has a sailing ship in the middle.
 I will share the links to the tutorials that I used and the 
patterns I wrote also I will give you as a PDF pattern,
 Each week I will show one step of the process..
Every Wednesday we will do another step of the process...

What you'll need:
 Now get those jelly rolls, charm packs or just stash fabrics ready.
 I used about a 1/4 jelly roll,  two charms of Birdy
and some scraps for the girls ones.
 The only thing I bought was my background 2mtrs
and green  fat quarters for my tree.
 Just raid your stash to make one with me....
I will be using this fabric below for the girls quilt
 and my stash fabrics for the boys one.

This is 'Botany' by Lauren and Jessi Jung
 I have a couple of jelly rolls and
a charm pack ready, I don't think I will use it all though
Maybe I can make two.. good idea? Might do that.
 Please feel free to use this picture below as 
a button for the quilt a-long with the link of this blog.
Spread the word so others can join in and have some fun with us.
 Finished size of Quilt 60in x 77in
(A great size for a single bed with extra hanging over)

When will this start?..
 Next Wednesday 12th September 2012
  until we are finished...about 10 weeks
 I have set up a Flckr page for it too...HERE
Just get those fabrics ready and let's sew a kids quilt.

 Hugs Dawn x x x