September 30, 2011

I think its going......

to be a huge time saver/consumer for me...
I am so loving my Go Baby Chisels die...
I have now made about 100 or so
 blocks and I am currently sewing the blocks together.
 I decided on two different versions..
This one below for a table runner...yummy
 And this one for a quilt... can't wait to get it finished.
Hopefully I can this long weekend in South Aus....X X fingers crossed!
I also cut out these for a friends quilt this week  and
I want to make it very soon...
but I didn't use the fantastic Go Baby......
 Wish I had as it took a lot longer to cut 80 half hexagons...

 Now you too can have the chance to own a 'Go Baby' and save time as well as
 be totally inspired by all you can make with the amazing dies available.
 I have been given the opportunity to offer a Go- Baby
to give away..... wow isn't that fabulous...

 I am excited as you too could be having some 
fun playing with this fantastic Go Baby ......

Visit the Accuquilt shop HERE
 and look at/dream about the dies you would like to play with
 Then let me know which 3 you choose to go with the 'Go Baby'
 This is open to everyone worldwide....
But please only one comment per person.
 I will take comments up until Oct 10th and
 announce the winner on the 11th.

Would you like to have some Free patterns also
 Sign up HERE for their free patterns...
And if you have Facebook you can LIKE them too...
 you then get to here all the news on new stuff as it happens,
like patterns, dies and give-away's too.

 Happy Dreaming

 Hugs Dawn x x

September 27, 2011

'Out of the Box' is finished.

Vicki and I have had so much fun doing this BOM.
 The results are amazing and I have the
quilt hanging proudly in my front entrance.
 I have a favorite block but when I look at it another time
I love a different block....
What is your your favorite block on your quilt???
The instructions to finish it are ready for you to puchase.
You could do it anyway you want though and
use them on anything like a bag or folder or cushion.
 I must say take a look at Vicki's finished quilt Here
 It looks fabulous and I just love the little details Vicki added to the finished quilt.
 I would love you to show your quilt in our Flckr group.
 If you have missed the opportunity to download this BOM
it will be available as a pattern from my Etsy site
as of the 1st of October for $6.00Aus.

 I also have a newsletter coming out in October so join up now
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 giveaway's  and also with links to great places to shop as well.
 Guest shop news too. So sign up today top right hand corner.
I do not share your email address's with any 3rd party,
so your private information stays that way...Private.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x

September 25, 2011

Chisels, Chisels...Go Baby

I have been playing with my Go-Baby from Accuquilt and the
Chisels die and having a absolute ball.
Thanks Accuquilt for making such a wonderful much needed quilt accessory
To say its amazingly easy to use is not always convincing 
enough when reading from a blog
 but believe me, it sure is easy to use,
just like child's play as Miss K shows you.
The die is so easy to use in the Go Baby.
 Just place your fabric on the die cutter
place the cutting mat on the top 
and put it through the Go-Baby and perfect chisels turn out,
 it even has no dog ears to trim, all done for you.

and how easy it was, so easy in about half an hour
 I cut about 80 of them out, so simple and quick
I had a little play on my cutting board with some

then I cut out some white Homespun for contrast
and stitched them together ....perfectly matching the corners.
real excitement, to see them come together as this
 was usually where I get a bit miffed with my piecing.
 I want perfect accuracy in my piecing, and I hate it
 when sewing a 45 degree angle or any angles at that,
 it goes a bit skewif (crooked), I then get a little annoyed
 well not a little a LOT annoyed..Do you??
 I hate to unpick, but will do it if needed, as I have get it right.
 Well this is the best part of the Go-Baby...
NO NO NO crooked pieced blocks...Perfect every time...
all perfect YES just perfectly matched and all dog ears gone too.

So that's how my pile has grown to many, many, many chisel blocks...
then some more arranging them in whatever way I like...
 and I like it lots of see this one die (chisels) 
can make many different quilt arrangements.

all one way...
butted up together....

 this way and that way.....
two rows together.....
 Now I am going to have lots of fun deciding which way to sew these
 I think this die will get a work out for sure...
 and also to play with the two other dies,
Ribbons and Twists and Aeroplanes that I had sent me 
 I think also some pressies for Christmas might include a die or two.
 Please Mr 'Sweet as Cinnamon'.... x x x

GO Baby Hugs
 Dawn x x x x x

September 21, 2011

What have I been doing this week...

bessides suffering from pulled muscle,
 It ahs been quite sore...
but that doesn't usually stop me much...
I just take some pain relief and carry on as normal..
 well sort of... an ooh and arrhhh here and there...
 Hubby said I have kept him awake cos
I groan in bed at night when I turn over..
 Ooh arrgghhh...oh arrrghhh...he he
but I am on the mend thanks to some medication and
 a few back masages and.......
a shopping trip today with heavy shopping bags
 filled with goodies to make PRESENTS...yep pressies for someone..
Heavy shopping is good for stretching a muscle out...LOL

YEP shopping can be good..he he..that's my excuse for now...
  I made this today with  Khris and will be making some more soon.
Sorry can't show you all of it, as it a surprise gift for a friend
 who will show you real soon....
 Did you guess what surprise I was keeping from the last post???....
Well this week one of these little Baby's arrived at my house.
 he he, mums the word....I kept it well
 I have been excited for a few weeks now...
 so so so excited...

And all for me to play with, aren't I lucky?????...
so I will be back in a few days to let you know how it all Go's..
 keep watching this space for more excitement...
 Happy sewing

 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 15, 2011

Look what I discovered!

I needed some threads for a project I had started
and ordered them from a local shop.
So on Monday I went to visit HERE and WOW WOW WOW..
 I was amazed with the gorgeous hand-dyed
 threads they made in the in Adelaide.
and just so close to home....they are 20 mins away.
 Primke threads... 

 68 different colors and they are adorable..

They can be ordered  via their website and paid for via Paypal.
 Variegated and lots of color ranges, in Pearl 5, 8 and 12ct
 and also in a stranded cotton...

They are just so lovely to feel and look at...
 I bought a couple to try.. the colors are so vivid

These are what I bought home with me..
I will be back to the shop to get some more soon...
What I like about them is that the color changes
on the variegated about every 1 1/2in to 2in and that's great
when stitching...not like the 6in in some threads...
I have traced a stitchery from the latest Vignette
to have a try...will show the progress soon.

 Also I have some fabulous news to share...
 I am so excited about it.....Mums the word!

Happy Stitching

Dawn x x x

September 11, 2011

Pray for Freedom

Sept 11...2001

A day I will never forget,
 I remember where I was, what I was wearing
and doing at the time I heard of this tragedy unfolding...
 Today I remembered them!

 I now Pray for those that fight for our freedom.
 and never forget what happened.
 I pray  for those soldiers and the freedom that they fight for us now.
 After reading HERE....
I am reminded....
reminded to constantly pray for those
who are continually effected by 2001.

 Lets unite and pray for one another.
 God Bless
 Hugs Dawn x x

September 10, 2011

Boiled Lemon Cake.

Lemons, lemons everywhere.....
 When I want some they are expensive 
when I don't I get buckets of them given to me.

 I'm not complaining though...I do love getting them for free.
 Wish my lemon tree would grow some... it is dormant I think

Not like this lovely Lemon Tree above.
 Now I made some very tasty lemon cake this last week.
 In fact I have made it a few times in the last few weeks
 It's a deliciously tasty!

Boiled Lemon Cake! 
2 medium lemons
130gms soft Butter
 1 1/2cups Sugar
2 Eggs
1 cup Wholemeal Self Raising Flour
 1/2 cup Plain White Flour
1/2cup Dessicated Coconut.

 Lemon Syrup!
 1 cup sugar
rind of one l Lemon
 3/4cup lemon juice ( 4 small lemons)
 1/3 cup of water.

Place two lemons in a pan of water
making sure they are covered.
 Bring to the boil and simmer for half an hour
 Then replace the water with cold water and bring to the boil again 
and simmer again for half an hour. 
This helps take some of the bitterness away.
Drain the pan and cool them for an hour or so.
 Preheat oven to 160 degrees C

 Next cream the Butter, Sugar and Eggs until light and fluffy.
Cut the lemons in half and take out any pips
Puree the boiled lemons to pulp, skin and all.

 Add the puree to the creamed sugar and butter mix.
Stir in gently.
 Next place the sifted flours and coconut into the mixture.
Mix together gently
 Place the mixture into two lined loaf pans in the preheated oven
 for about an hour. 

 Cakes are cooked when slightly browned and a skewer comes out clean.

 Lemon Syrup.
Place all ingredients in a pan and simmer gently for an hour.

 Pour boiled syrup over cake and let cool slightly 
before serving with cream and a strawberry.

 Hope you enjoy making this.. My friends did..LOL
 Now I thought you might like to hear a Lemon-y song...HERE
 Did that bring any memories did for me.
 My Mum used to sing it all the time...
Oh sweet memories.

 Happy weekend

 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 09, 2011

Exciting news.....

MY favorite craft magazine Homespun has just 
launched their digital subscription...
 Yeah now you can get a copy digitally
 That means no more hassles for those of you overseas
trying to get a more postage costs, instant download..
Zinio is the way to go for digital subscriptions.
 I receive a few from English magazines.
 I find them extremely easy to read.
 If you want a copy go HERE
You may have to wait a couple of days for this months issue
 but last months is available or buy the subscription....
 This month is the Romantic issue and its just that..
Romantic and girly...shabby-ish ( is that a word)
Now just a peak of one must do project...

 I am so excited about this month...
I think I say that every month....LOL
There's an adorable bag by dearest Joy...sweet and dreamy...  
Then there's another little sewing wall hanging
which is a must for me to make for a friend...
  I have bought nearly all the ever published copies...lots
 I just love to sit with a cuppa and my copy and devour each page...
reading and making some of the gorgeous things..
 Guess what I will be doing tonight....
 Yep sitting, reading and drinking tea!
Dreaming of course of what to make next
 But I should be finishing some
projects before I start anymore...he he

 Happy Reading
 You won't be dissapointed....

  Hugs Dawn x x x

September 08, 2011

Resilience Quilt.....

Last night Judy, myself and my girls went
 to the Adelaide Convention Centre for the launch 
of 2011 The MHS Conference Adelaide.
 To see the visual arts display at the conference that
 we were part of...
 The Quilters Guild of SA asked for volunteers to help
assemble a quilt for the MHS conference.
 I put our hand up as I am all for helping
our wider community in quilty projects.
We as a group of ladies/friends made a quilt of their story.

  In a nut shell the quilts( 6 of them) were made by patients,
 children of patients,and carers of people 
with mental health issues. They have a story to tell.
They made the block while Judy, Janette, Khris and I were one of the
many ladies that put a quilt together (we did quilt no 3),
We set the blocks, quilted it and bound it.
 Must say there was many cups of coffee made
while making it work.... and chatting of course.

 They all looked amazing hanging up... Amazing.
Here are my girls in front of the one we made
 with flat Stanley for a friends grandson... he he
I was so proud to be involved in the 'resilience' project
and to think that each block told a story of their life....
A story on 'Resilience in the midst of Change'
 To think that these people lived such a different life to me
 they struggled with things I have no clue about
 They are people all the same and have a life to live
 like we do, they have a story to be told too.
 If you know anyone who struggles with mental
 health issues, love them, care for them as they need more than most
to know we love and care for them. They cannot control it 
more often it controls them..... 
but they need our LOVE and care.

 Many Blessings
 Dawn x x x

September 07, 2011

Oh don't you just.....

Love different fabrics and I just love this Newspaper fabric, 
I won it from Shabby Fabrics...sort of I won a voucher to spend
 I just loved this Annie's Farm Stand fabric
reminds me of the song by Peter Combe
 Oh my Boys loved Peter Combe.
 My DS no 1 got to sing with him Peter years
ago in a Boys Choir concert...Memories...Newspaper fabric does that
 Brings back nice memories and I love reading it too..LOL
 Where the Wind Blows...adorable fabric range by  Melly and Me...
 I bought these fat quarters from Under the Mulberry Tree
 and they are a fab price.....
 And a yummy fabric for a baby's quilt...
 little windmills....
 cute bugs..... cute is this fabric too from Melly and can be bought at
Under the Mulberry Tree too... pop past for some yumminess...

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x