April 30, 2011

Sweet Princess!

 A sweet Princess and a handsome Prince
 getting married and riding in a horse drawn carriage..
  All things that make a little girls heart skip a beat
 also in Mummy (big girls) too, I just love the whole fairytale romance
 and pagentry of a Royal Wedding.
 It's part of who I am and what makes me love all
 the English Royals
 I know it must be from the days when my 
Great Nana Lucy worked for Queen Victoria
 and my Great Grandfather was a Grenadier Guard.
 I just love it. My Nana was also born 
in the grounds of Windsor Castle.
 Great Nana Lucy spoke fondly to my Mum
 of her days there... she adored it.
So a High Tea party for my little girls was in order last night.

complete with Royal Doulton China and little Fairy Cakes.

My little Princess's dressed up and drank tea from their Princess cups...
 Oh it was so precious, the excitement of seeing a real life Princess
 and they loved watching the Kiss and the ride in that ornate carraige.
 Today they are still excited....playing Princess's again.
 I just love to see them pretend and enjoy the fairytale.

Everyman's life is a fairytale written by God's finger.
quote by Hans Christian Andersen

 Many Hugs 

Dawn x x x

April 27, 2011

Sew busily quilting/sewing!

Girl quilt finished and Boy version ready to be quilted....
 and then to write the pattern.....
I loved making these....
 a bit of patchwork, a bit of stitchery,
and then some sweet quilting.
 Now they look delightful...
 Can't wait to show you them.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

Arising at 5.45am with two little girls 
shining new torches in our faces
(yes Easter Bunny bought them torches with Chocolate of course)
 saying "are you awake Mummy"... I am now ...LOL
image coutesy of google
 Then it was Cross Hot buns (as my kids call them)
for breakfast and a strong coffee for Mummy and Daddy..
 I did finish the two little bags for their Easter treats, and they loved them..
We read the Easter Story and did some coloring in before
 the girls and I went to the garden to do
our traditional Easter Egg Hunt in the garden.
Yumm YumYummy, lots of eggs to find and some tricky spots too..
 We collected eggs, bunny's, and little chicks too.
 Now all them chocolates are almost eaten...he he
and the dentist recommends it.... hard to believe,
but its better to eat it all in one sitting 
than spread it out over the Eat them Eggs!
 We did!..and they did too!....
 Lots of water to drink now though.

Hope you've had a wonderful Easter
with your family and friends.

Tomorrow is Anzac Day for us in Australia
 we are getting together with some friends for lunch..
and will have a minute of silence to remember
those who died for 'Our Freedom'

Sweet Cross Hot Bun Hugs
Dawn x x x

April 19, 2011

Recipes for Friendship...perfect fabric!

There are many recipes on the internet about
'Recipe for Friendship'
and I just love them.
Like this one below.
 A pinch of happiness
1 handful of kindness
2 spoonfuls of gentleness
1 litre of sharing
a teaspoonful of helpfulness
 3 heaped tablespoons of laughter
 50g of smiles
 a sprinkling of cheerfulness
100g of love
You can find more recipes here, here and here...... 
Also recipes of the fabric kind here,
Recipes of the food kind here,
and the sweet yummy food kind here.
 Which brings me to why I love Recipes for Friendship.
 I have been collecting fabric by Mary Englebrit 
 and her range 'Recipe for Friendship' is a favorite.
 I received from the Lovely Khris
 a charm pack for Christmas and added 
with my other stash fabrics...they look good.
Look what I happened to pick up the other day
 when I was net shopping,
some gorgeous fabrics to match from 
 Vicki's new shop...... 'The Pickledish Patch'
They are so gorgeous and bright with 
lots of design ideas popping in my head for them.
 I can't wait to use them real soon...
 If your wanting some drop past HERE 
and be quick before I but it all...LOL
 So watch this space.... another project 
coming in my head for me to make!

Happy Stitching

 Friendship Hugs 
Dawn x x x

April 18, 2011

GT BOM Blocks!

As you may have read 
I have decided to hang up my boots 
on Among The Gum Trees.
 I am no longer living & designing in two houses..... 
It was great fun but life 
sometimes takes another turn in a 
different direction....
 Same Dawn, Same address here 
just not visiting somewhere else anymore...
 Made great friends but need to concentrate on 
 this blog some again.... 
Maybe my word for the year is working LOL...
 I thought I'd share my blocks from the GT BOM still.
 So you can still stitch them if you want too.
 Here is Fee's version of my first block - Snowflakes!
and looks just adorable..well done Fee
 You can download the block HERE for the 'Snowflakes'
and HERE for block 2 - 'I love the garden.'
 I hope you like them and enjoy stitching them.
 Visit the other  GT girls for their blocks too.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x x

April 15, 2011

Our first Quilt !

Mummy (that's me) is so proud of her two little Daughter's
enthusiasm for sewing... they just love it
...all the time they ask to do some.
 As babies they loved to sit on my knee and 'help' me sew
After buying them a shared sewing machine for last Christmas,
 it was all hands on deck to sew, everytime Mummy did..LOL
 We set about to make them their first quilt back in January.
First we picked the fabric and then we 
measured the bed it was for...LOL
 It had to be for 'dolly',
and Mummy had just the perfect fabric....
A few mini charm packs from the Moda Sampler box.
 we sewed and sewed and added some borders.
 Then Mummy quilted it for them....
 and found the nicest fabric...a stripey one to bind it in...
There we are a'Our First Quilts'
 All finished and keeping our babies warm.

Now to make the real baby a quilt....
 just a little more stitching to do....

 Happy Stitching!

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x x

April 12, 2011

Easter Treat Bags!

I've been productive this last week
making Easter Treat Bags for my girls.
 They so love waking on Easter Sunday to search around
the garden to find their Easter Eggs.
 So this year I decided to make them a 
cute little bag to carry around.
 It was so simple to make and stitch, only took one night.

Do you have a little person to make one for?
 I thought I'd share it with you too,
so you can have fun looking
for Easter Treats together in the garden
or wherever you search for them.
 Download the pattern HERE.
 Happy Stitching

 Hugs and Blessings 
Dawn x x x x


April 01, 2011

Out of the Box No4

I can't beleive the month of March has flown by
 and its the first day of a new month, April already...
 Lots of happenings this last month in our house.
 New baby was born and lots of stitching achieved.
 I have progressed on my Gardeners Journal quilt
 which was this months UFO for me to do.
 Two more block finished  and I am pleased as!
 Out of the Box has been such
a fun BOM to make and stitch, how is yours coming along???
 We are up to block 4, almost half way there.
 Have you been using up those special buttons or lace
in your sewing box.
Now remember you can with this BOM
 I have been using them and stitching them into my blocks.
  I so love little houses and so this months
block has a little house for you to stitch
and I also added some lace daisy's
 You can too if you have some.
 If not use some little daisy stitching to replace the lace.

 You can download block 4 HERE
 and don't forget to visit Vicki
as well for her block 4 too.
(If you have any trouble with downloading
 make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date,
 and you may also want to try using Internet Explorer
 if you are trying to download with Mozilla.)

 Happy Stitching

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

 Dawn x x x x