March 29, 2014

Playing with little things...

I have been playing with some really little hexagons this week.
 I have had a busy week and had not a lot of time to sit and stitch but
I managed to find a little time to sew hexagons...
 3/4in ones... so sweet and so so tiny...
 they're not the smallest I have but they are super tiny.
It was fun to sew something so tiny...I can't show you the finished 
craft item just yet but showing these hexagons I just had to do.
 I am addicted to hexagons once again...
 The fabric is the leftovers from my Preston Bag...

 Its a range called Petite Maison by Bunny Hill from a few years back
I loved it when I saw it so had to have some...

Now to finish the little project..
 But first I need to have a bookcase clear out
  as this weekend I am having a book clearance...
 Going through the bookcase and boxes of books I have
 and probably won't read off they go.
They will be read again just not by me, as I am going to donate them 
to a local church for their annual book sale...

 Off to decide what stays and which goes.........
 Happy Saturday


Dawn x x x

March 23, 2014

'Relay for Life'...amazing!

Never thought that walking for 19 hours
 as a team would be so exhilarating!
 But this weekend we did just that... Our Team Family Rocks
 walking Ran and shuffled along for 19 hours along a track
 for Relay for Life... our Cancer Councils fun run.

Her I am with some of my carers who walked the first lap with me...

 Opening lap.... lots of support!
 Weather was lovely during the day...

 Our 'Family Rocks'.....

The adorable Georgie Bannard who came out to sing for us 
 and show us his support...
and let me take a photo..he he
 He's just a wonderful young man...
talented and so compassionate...
 Love his enthusiasm for life!
Thanks Georgie!

 The final lap with some of my team... they did an amazing job
 We clocked up a total of 455 laps.... 
 I walked 14 laps....
 but combined equates too almost 176km...
 and wow we are exhausted by so proud...
 I am proud to be a part of a wonderful supportive team
They are amazing really... no sleep walking all night...
We raised $2750 and are thankful
 to everyone who sponsored us, 
supported us by walking alongside us, 
made the effort to come along and join in on the fun...
 Lets fight this awful disease together and 
raise awareness for those that are suffering.

 Happy Days

 Hugs Dawn x x x

March 21, 2014

Special delivery... just for me.

While I was at Let's Get Stitched in Melbourne 
I got to catch up in the flesh with my Wendy girl...
 Just love this lady so much...
We have chatted for years over the phone 
but only met once before and that was at the 
Adelaide Let's Get Stitched 2013.
 We met via the blogging world about 5 years ago, 
I was one of the first commenters on her blog.

 We together run the 'Sew It's Finished' blog and as a reward to each lady
 that had a finish for any month of 2012 we gave them a stitchery design
 block to make up into a quilt.

 The quilt below is the complete quilt with all 12 blocks that the ladies received to stitch
Wendy so beautifully stitched this one and then gave it to me as a gift.
I just love's going to sit on the back my favorite chair in the lounge, waiting for the cool nights so I can wrap myself in it. I'm gonna be wrapped in love...

 This is so special, filled with love and the quilting on it is divine...

 Can you tell I love it???...
The fabrics, quilting, stitchery done by a dear dear friend for me..
 Thank you so much Wendy girl.... Love ya x x x

I will treasure it forever....
 Now if you would like to make this we have for a limited time the pattern available in our Craftsy shop.
 Visit HERE to purchase the complete pattern today!

 Happy Quilting

Hugs Dawn x x x

March 20, 2014

The Preston Bag!

 I just love handbags... all different shapes and sizes.
 But the thing that gets me is how many pockets a bag has...
 I just love lots of pockets!

 and I also love handles that are long enough to sling the bag over my shoulder...

 'The Preston Bag' was launched at the Melbourne Let's Get Stitched.

This is the feature stitchery pocket on the front and with a hexi flower of course.

 The back has two large pockets, ready to fill with goodies while shopping..

  I have loaded the pattern to my Craftsy site 
 Purchase today HERE
 Instant PDF Download through Craftsy, if you require a paper copy
please email me.

 I said I was going to show you my special delivery  today as well
but I will show that tomorrow as it deserves a post of it's own.

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs

 Dawn x x x x

March 19, 2014

'Stitched" 3...Sunday Stitching day

The beauty of organising an event is we can 
plan surprises.... and that we did, us Four Nutters..
 On the Sunday once the room was set we asked the ladies
 who were anxiously waiting
 to come inside and find a table to sit at...there was 50 altogether.
 Below is the group photo which we had fun taking...LOL

 We introduced the designs of the day from Fee, Joy, Vicki and myself
 Then the 3 guest designers Jenny, Marilyn and Vikki,
2 of which were surprises to the ladies.

 We keep the secret till the actual day. It makes it so much fun.
 Lots of suspense..... oh they try to guess but we keep tight lipped!

Then out popped the surprise of all surprises.
 Oh to hear the gasps and ooh and ahhs was lovely...
 The beautiful Rosalie Quinlan joined in on our fun stitching day...
She was so much fun and everyone enjoyed chatting with Rosie,
 gleaning little hints about stitching from her, getting lots of advice.
 Rosie's laughter and joy is infectious....

 On the last night us Nutters went up to Jenny, Vikki and Wendy's room
 to say some goodbyes till next time. 
And we had a photo shoot while we were there...

My Bestie..Fee Fee. Love this lady to bits....

Love this lady too, a special Joy
 Now where's a picture of the rest of the gang I wonder?????
 Who didn't want there picture taken...umm, then bombed the pics too.

 Vicki..... she did it....LOL

 Here is Joy, Fee and myself after 
we all bought the same Katie Hill purse at DFO..
so hilarious, we were all looking at the sale purses...
 then we realised we wanted the we bought them...

 On the way to the airport to go home we got squished
Well those in the back seat did....he he
Sandra, Judy and Joy and Fee's suitcase.
 Oh this was a wonderful weekend...met some wonderful new friends, 
 some old friends and had a ball. 
If you want to join us next year for LGS in Brisbane,
 keep a look out for the registration announcement.

Let's Get Stitched pattern release from me tomorrow.... 
and a special delivery for me!

 Happy Days to you!
 Hugs Dawn x x x

March 18, 2014

'Stitched' away 2.....

 Ooh the fun we had...On  the Friday!

A bus tour
shopping at Gail B's... its so full of yummy fabrics...

 and then there was a stop at Sassafras in the hills... oh it was so lovely...
 quaint and loads of beautiful shops... craft, shoe, card and toy shops...

Our annual Friday games night...
 We laughed so much that security 
came to see what the fuss was about...
maybe 37 in one room was too many laughing....ooops
and shut us down..

 Happy Days

 Hugs Dawn x x

'Stitched' ... away with friends.

I am back home and back to reality 
after my 'Let's Get Stitched' weekend away.
Here's my Project kits ready for packing.

 Having a weekend away with girl friends is the best 
and especially when you get to meet new ones too.
 We started the day off really early at 4am...
 Off to the Adelaide Airport for an early flight to Melbourne.
 Once in Melbourne, Judy (my travelling partner) 
and I met up with Fee and Sandra.... for coffee...

Then a spot of shopping at DFO before we booked into the hotel.

 I think the glasses suit Fee better than myself.

 Once we booked into the hotel it was so nice 
to look at the skyline of Melbourne...from afar
with a bit of history to see too..We were 6 floors up...

Here is Joy, Vicki and I playing the Nutters...On the meet and greet Thursday.
 It was Fee's idea and I have no photo evidence of her playing too.
 There is some somewhere I am sure...

More pictures to follow of our weekend...

 Happy Tuesday

 Hugs Dawn x x 

March 05, 2014

Memories of...

This last week has been one of the hardest I can remember. My dear dear Dad passed away, surrounded by my Mum, brother and myself. It was sad yet knowing he is at peace gives us comfort at this time. 

dad and Thomas

This is my grandson Thomas and Dad - January 2014.
The funeral honoured the man he was, gentle and loving always looking out for his family and friends. It came as a shock especially after my Aunt had passed away only the month before...  oh boy will  we miss him.
I have been so blessed by friends near and far who have sent flowers, cards and messages of support. Thank -you.. I love you all.
I am off to Melbourne for our annual Quilting retreat and so will be away for the next five days, I'll show you some pictures of the project when I get home again.

Happy Day and Hugs

Dawn x x x