March 28, 2012


 disappeared real quick..
 Forgive me for not sharing the pics of a finish
 I spent it mostly in bed...feeling ill.
 After a visit to the doctors I was diagnosed with
Pharyngitis, Laryngitis and Bronchitis..
yak is how I felt, and now I am on antibiotics 
Hopefully I will be fighting fit in a few days...I can hope anyhow.
 I just hate lying in bed wasting time... but I do need to rest some.
I have binding to do on one more and then will share that too.
This is my take on Fee's quilt that she taught
at 'Let's Get Stitched' in Tassie.
 I think this one brings back fond memories
 of a holiday long ago in the city of Love.
 I visited Paris in 2002 just after I had fallen in love with my DH
he unfortunately was not with me but was 
always in my thoughts and as I climbed the Eiffel Tower
 I wished he was with me and seeing
 the amazing sights from way above the clouds.
 Oh Paris is a beautiful city to visit.
 One day again I hope to get back there but with DH in tow.
Enough chatting for me for now..LOL
off to eat some much needed chicken soup
 and get some more rest.
 Happy Days 
(whatever you may be doing)

 Hugs Dawn x x


March 26, 2012

Tissues, Needle and Thread

  I have been sniffing and sniffing this last two days...
 Tissues are my best friend atm...
 I think I have a sinus infection come to think of it
 the headache in the front of my head this last week 
is the give away sign for me to have a sinus infection.
 The one thing I don't mind about being not well is I sit and sew or stitch
 Rest by sitting in my chair sewing away... best remedy
plus some good TV to watch... Downton Abbey season 2 for me.
Sew is what I have done...
Before I left for my weekend in Tassie
 I made myself a promise or a resolution,
 that I would finish whatever it was we taught or learnt
while I was away as soon as I came home.
  I kept my word to myself...
 I didn't want another lot of UFO'S
esp like this first mini quilt.
 I started this Marg Low Hexi quilt two years ago so finished this first.
 It only needed binding though..LOL
Then I made Vicki's new pattern minus the stitchery.
 I made it in reds as it can go on my red quilt wall above my computer.
 Don't you just love the octagonal shape ?

 Then I practiced some 'Quilt as you go' which 
Joy taught us while we were there...
I made a mini quilt to show off my skills .

  I still have a couple more to show you
 but they can wait till tomorrow.
 I am off to  watch some TV and sniff some more with my 
trusty tissue box not far behind me.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x

March 23, 2012


I was checking Facebook  this morning and
 there was this post on there by Sandi Linn Andersen
 Thanks Sandi for sharing today 
and making my day BEAUTIFUL
 It was inspirational and got me thinking..
 I can talk...boy can I talk..
 I love to chat with anyone..anyone
I love hearing poeple tell me about their life..
I love encouraging others.
 But what are the words I am  using and 
do I really understand the meaning of those words?
 Do I use those words for the right meanings!
Is the language Ispeak and how I use my words 
influencing my day, my life, my family and my world that I live in
 for good or not?..
 watch this for the 2 minutes its on 
and be blessed like I am!

And have a beautiul day no matter what it looks like outside
 what it is inside or what your circumstances of life...
 The words you use can change your life or that of another!

Off to finish some sewing projects...
I will share tomorrow a few pics if you want to see?

 Beautiful is my day today and from now on!
 Hugs Dawn x x

March 19, 2012

Wow! a week already

has gone since I came back from beautiful green Tasmania
 I spent the most amazing weekend with some wonderful friends
 new and not so new... some blogging buddies
 LtoR Helen, Fee, Jo, Vicki, Me and Joy
We laughed ourselves silly  at Friday night games night.
 If you want a copy of the game we read 
for a load of laughs at your next quilt retreat, party
download it HERE
 We also did some shopping at Salamanca Markets, 
Jude and I with the Town Crier... and he was loud.
   ate loads of Chocolate after we had been to Cadbury
  wined and dined at a lovely Restaurant
and sewed and sewed.
 This is my new pattern I shared  at Let's Get Stitched 
which will be available real soon!
 I talked and showed how to use the Go Baby fabric cutter
 and loved seeing each of the ladies use it to cut some shapes out.
 What a wonderful weekend and the weather was perfect.
 Thanks Fee for hosting us...we had a ball
  I was so tired when I got home though, 
yet so excited as I had met some wonderful people.
 Thanks ladies for spending an amazing time with me.

 I am so looking forward to the next
 'Let's Get Stitched' 2013 in Adelaide.
 If you want to come along... watch this space!
 Happy Stitching 
Hugs Dawn x x x

March 06, 2012

Special little parcels almost packed...

Don't these look yummy...
 deliciously yummy...
 I am so excited cos it's only
 2 sleeps to go for our Tassie 'Let's Get Stitched' Retreat..
 Today Jude and I packed all the gorgeous little kits
 for the pattern I will be sharing at the retreat..
 I just love Strawberry's and this little bundle has some in it..LOL
 Happy Stitching
Off to pack some more things!
 Hugs Dawn x x x

March 03, 2012

Stealing or not?

I have loved viewing others fabulous inspirational pictures 
 and fell in love with the Pinterest way 
of saving those pictures for my future use..
 I actually just clicked OK to terms and
 conditions without reading them.
 BUT now with all the debate and the injustice 
of finding my own pictures PINNED without my permission
 It made me feel ill when I realised it could be
 my kids photo's that have been pinned..
 my garden or my patterns...MY WORK
 What ever is taken without permission is the same as STEALING!
 Then your pinned pictures can be passed off as someone else's..
 When they are pinned, they can be used, sold, copied  
for profit, remade as their own by the owners of Pinterest.
 read HERE about copyright!
 What...yak yak yak...but that's what the agreement says.
It says you agree to the copyright issue 
when you sign up for Pinterest.
 Not a nice feeling..
 I know most of you are honest caring and friendly people
 But there are some low life's that take what is not theirs..
 and don't feel bad about it either...
I have erased my Pinterest boards and account .
 Then I know in my heart that I am doing the right
 thing, honoring others right to copyright,
privacy and ownership...
I can visit, see them via their blog, 
web page etc and enjoy all
 the pictures of inspiration just the same. 
If I have time to crawl the web that is..LOL
I so hope others will do the right thing too.
 Honor copyright and be considerate of others
 Read more Info on the Pinterest debate 
 Read HERE if you wish to stop anyone
from taking pictures from your blog!
If you wish to see what others have pinned of yours from your blog
 Christine shared this link
 Give it a try...very interesting.

I just ask you to
 If you have pinned any of my pictures 
I ask you to please erase them. 
 Many Hugs
 Dawn x x x

March 01, 2012

Sunshine in a cup.. and a sneaky peek.

 The last few weeks I have been doing a detox,
trying to reinvent my food habits and get healthy
 for lots of reasons...
  I watched THIS YouTube video that a friend sent to me
 and it inspired me to do something about my life.
 I was feeling tired all the time
 also feeling like I needed to rid my body
of toxins and of unwanted habits.
 Like drinking too too much coffee, 
eating too many sweet things,
all just to keep me going at night or 
during the day for that matter.
So I decided I would drink fresh homemade juices daily... 

 Made from locally grown (some from our own garden),
 organic fresh vegetables and fruit.
 not only do I feel fantastic I also have lost 12kg..woo hoo
 I can walk much quicker and further now and I feel ALIVE.
 Joe calls this liquid Sunshine in a glass and it is so true...
 Full of liquid nutrients and so good for you.
I bought myself some new jeans yesterday to celebrate my loss
 and they are a size smaller than I normally wear.
 I actually could have gone down two sizes but
 didn't want them too tight..LOL
 maybe next month maybe I'll buy a size smaller...he he
 cos next week I am off to Tasmania for a retreat 
with some of my dearest friends. I can't wait,
 and not sure how my new habits will suffice
 with all the Pizza and Chocolate that's there.
 But I am going to enjoy the company 
and try to make good eating choices.
 Anyhow we will be doing more of this there and lots of chatting
 Ok just little sneak peeks of the project.
I will be sharing this with the ladies who are coming...
 I am excited! ...are you coming?'s gonna be fun *
This is made with Fig Tree's Strawberry Field's range of fabric
and some other fabrics from my stash...
 I love how it turned out and can't wait to make another one now!
 But maybe next week I will after I have packed my cases.

 Oh Happy Autumn days
 to those who live in the Southern hemisphere... 
or Happy Spring days to those up North.

 Wherever you are ENJOY your day!

 Many blessings!
 Hugs Dawn x x x