August 29, 2011

after gardening....

I did manage to get some sewing done last night....
My fingers were a little sore from pulling weeds,
planting lavender and herb seedlings but I managed 
to sew the binding on a table runner for my SIL.
 It's a late Birthday present and is winging it's way to Perth.
I just love this coffee fabric....its the one before Java...
 Now to finish some applique on a .......!
 Sorry can't show more as its a surprise....
I can hopefully show you the finished ???? tomorrow
as I will give it to it's recipient in the morning... he he

'Happy Sunshiney Monday'

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x x x

August 28, 2011

To market to market... flowers, herbs and sticky rice

Flowers are always a favorite when I go on a Sunday
to the Fresh Produce Market's near me.
 I picked up these for $2.00 a bunch and they smell divine...
 Next I buy some fresh bakers buns for Hubby and the girls for their 
mid morning-tea...which is usually when I get home about 8.00am.

 Hubby has custard Berliner and the girls an iced donut...
 I should have taken a photo of them eating it...
they take all the icing off as it's really sweet
 yet they don't want me to buy un-iced ones...strange habits...LOL

 I this week decided to try a 'Sticky Rice' with my morning coffee
 Have you ever tried this?????

It's sticky rice wrapped in Banana leaves which you peel off
and has a creamy coconut centre..yumm yumm
I eat it warm as that's how it is when they sell it to us.

 Different yes but so so yummy.
 I love trying different things...some I like, some not, but this was a good try
  A couple of Vietnamese girls make them 
and they are always busy have to cue up sometimes
 they are so popular....and cheap too.

Bought myself some Parsley, Coriander and Sweet Basil
 to plant in my garden this morning while its sunny 
and a Springy kind of weather day.
 Had to show you the best flowers Miss K bought to me yesterday
Our wild daffodils(sour sob weeds) in an old children's welly boot...
Don't you just love the face and I was so thrilled... made my day..
 Off to plant some herbs in my garden and 
 then I can sew this afternoon....
 I'll be back later with some stitchy progress.

Have a great Sunday!

Praying still for those effected by 'Irene'

BIG Hugs 

Dawn x x x

August 27, 2011


Praying for the USA and those directly 
affected by Hurricane 'Irene'

This is a picture from space where even 
the astronauts are saying it is not looking good.

 This year Qld was serverly effected by a Cyclone - Yasi
 and we know the devestation it had on our country.
 I pray this gets down graded to a severe storm
and that no lives are lost and that people stay safe.
 Thinking of you all my friends.

Many Hugs

Dawn x x x


August 26, 2011

Mrs Tabitha Twitchit

 is one of the characters in a Beatrix Potter
book Tom Kitten. She is Tom's mum.. and a cute little Kitty.
DD Miss J decided this would be her dress up for Book Week.
 Her school celebrated 'Book Week' with a parade,
for all the children to dress up in their favorite book character.
So out came the fabrics and trims,
lots of Mums sewing skills used here...LOL

 And voila.... cute as a button
 My Miss J looking very much like Mrs Tabitha Twitchit

 Oh she was so thrilled and proud.
Dancing around in the morning with
a grin as big as the chesire cat!
Now she has a nice dress up outfit.

 Now to go stich this while I watch 
"Escape to the Country"- my favorite TV show...
or one of my favorites...LOL

 Happy Stitching

Dawn x x x

August 19, 2011

How tweet it is!

I purchased the 100 blocks magazines when I saw Issue 2
and then
 had to buy Issue 3 after my friend Wendy 
encouraged me to get it... he he,
she made a gorgeous block twice into a mini quilt..see Here
I fell in love with this block from Issue 3
 called 'How Tweet It Is'.... block No 227 Issue 3
 I made this block into a cushion for a dear friend Judy..
she is my number one fan, 
she encourages me when I am down,
gets my design brain working clearly at times...
 and even tests all my patterns/projects that I need proof read.
Love you Jude!
 Is that enough reasons for a gift... he he... 
Well the story goes like this.
 I was making a mug mat for the said Judy and another 
friend Heather last year when we had a discussion at sewing 
 about Mug-Rugs...LOL... they both said "ooh yak.. what for, why use them"..
I was in the process of making them a mug-rug 
for their birthdays the next month....
so out the window went that idea of making them one
(now they do like them by the way)...
OK maybe this year girls...LOL
After agonising about other handmade gifts, 
 and listening to some hints and loves I made 
Heather a heat pack (see here) and Judy the cushion...
 and I rang Judy yesterday and said "I think I better
bring over the late birthday pressie I made you
or I'll keep it as its so nice and I love it,
  it matches the quilt on my chair, and and, its just nice...
 so off I went for a cuppa, a chat 
and to give a present a wee bit late.. he he
 I think I better make another one for me,
but first I shall finish some
other gifts that are way late too..

 Happy Stitching

Sweet (better late than never) Hugs 

Dawn x x x

August 18, 2011

Vignette...oh how I love you how I love you ...Vignette....LOL

I am so loving this magazine 'Vignette'
 Issue 4 is out soon...
It is so lovely, full of recipes and sewing inspirations..
 like the hexagon quilt, Vignette in Stitches quilt.
 And it looks like a few pictures of the retreat
up near dear friend Wendy...far Nth Qld
 Ooh oh maybe your famous Wendy?.. he he
 anyhow I have preordered my copy HERE
 and you can too...
The Pickledish Patch are super in their deliveries, 
fast efficient and great prices, Vicki gets the goods delivered.
 Overseas customers are welcomed too.
 The magazine will be posted the day its released, 
so get in quick...before they run out.
 You also can also get back issues too.
 It is so worth it, the quilts are amazing 
as well as all the other projects to do too.

 Back tomorrow with a surprise present that was bit late.

 Hugs Dawn x x x

August 17, 2011

Holly Berry .....

I promised a quick and easy project to make for Christmas.
 Holly Berry can be 
a mug rug or

a candle mat 
or whatever you want it to be......
 Whatever you choose, 
maybe even a small wall hanging or small runner.
 I made this to sit on my little table at Christmas time 
so I can put my special little cup and saucer on.
 You can download the pattern HERE.
Please send me some pictures when you have made yours...
I love to see them.

Happy Stitching

Dawn x x x

August 14, 2011


It's time to announce the giveaway...

I had so much enjoyment reading all the
amazing gifts given to you as a surprise!
From airline tickets to marquisette necklaces and 
sewing machines to dreamt about rings
and wished for reunions, surprise birthday parties,
and baby girls, copper fish and chocolate blooms...
 All given with love and intended to bless.....
 I read each and everyone  of the comments 
and thoroughly enjoyed them...
A few even made me cry...happy tears though...
 And I decided to choose this comment 
that summed up all of the comments....
Surprise Gifts are given with the intention 
of making someone you love happy!

Quiltin' Sandy said...
Hi Dawn! Congratulations on your many followers which is over the 800 mark now. :) I started thinking about your question, and kept remembering so many little unexpected gifts that I have received, and could not pick just one- a gift given from the heart for no other reason than to make someone happy is such a beautiful thing! Hugs, Sandy.

Sandy, please email me and I will organise your surprise...
 Oh What is it you ask????
 Surprise Surprise.... he he
If you pop over here and choose a 
book that suits to the value of $25.00...
And then pop over here and
choose a charm pack that suits your taste,
then lastly pop past here and choose a button/s to the value of $10.00
 I will then organise the delivery of them to your door...
 Also to Lois (comment 99).... I will be sending you a little surprise too
as you are a great proof reader.. and I always can do with one...
 yep its the 14th today..not the 15th... he he..
otherwise it would be drawn next year or is that last year
and wow how many comments
would I have/ not have had by then..LOL

 Thank you to all for joining in and
sharing your surprises with me...

 Here 's a little sneak peek of my new Christmas design
 I have been having fun with....
I hope to share it in a day or so...
just a little to finish on it first...
 quick and easy to make and so sweet..
 Until then......
 Happy Stitching

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x

August 11, 2011

More Birthday Blessings.

Oh my I feel so blessed... the gifts just keep arriving
 I am so blessed with sweet lovely friends..
 Girlfriends are the most precious thing a girl can have.
 We share the laughs and tears over many cuppa's
 or the many emails...
Here is some more pictures of my sweet birthday blessings.

 An extra large light box... thanks Jude...and Carey for making it...
 Fig tree cream fabric and some delightful books... Thanks Forum girls...
 I was talking with Shiree the other night and had said
"I wished I had bought a Park Avenue
charm pack when they were available"....
 Thanks Lucky....your a blessing to me,
I love the charm pack...will it breed LOL....

 and more patterns of my favorite kind by Fig Tree... thanks again girls...

Thank you Thanks you girl-friends.... I love each and everyone of you!
You have blessed me so much this birthday... 
 I love our times together even if their few,
 our chats, our emails across the miles...
You bless me so much and I appreciate you all.
My life is so much richer for knowing each and every one of you.
 THANKS for making my Birthday extra special.

 Now off to finish my Christmas pattern to share.... 
I have been a bit slow in making it...
 Got to get it just right...

 Many Hugs

 Dawn x x x

August 08, 2011

Happy Day Giveaway!

 I did say the other day I would show you pictures of my gifties
from my Birthday but I have split the posts or they would be to to long....
 So here...800 followers and I am so blessed 
So Blessed that so many of you want to read my goings on...
to share this creative journey with me
and bless me with your kindness. Oh Happy Days!

 I thought for days about all sorts of things for a Happy Day Giveaway
 and have decided.. he he... well to ask you all a Question 
and give you a surprise that I will, share when I draw it...
 Do you like Surprises???... I do... nice ones though..LOL 
 they make my Day Happy....
Hint: It will be a craft-y, fabric-y sort of  Happy Surprise....

How to Enter!
Answer this Question: 
What was the biggest surprise present you have received???
 It can be a weird one or a sweet thoughful one...
 the kind of present that you maybe thought...what the?
 Or the kind of present that made your day's happy...
 Leave a comment  to enter,
(if your a non-reply blogger make sure you email addy is with your comment)
Blog about it if your the sharing kind and let me know,
Then I'll enter you twice...

I will pick the winner on Sunday 14th August 8pm my time....

 Happy Days

Sweet Cinnamon-y  Hugs 
Dawn x x x x

Gifts from Friends-pt 1!

I promised I would show some absolutely beautiful gifts
from some wonderfully dear friends...
Thanks for blessing me so much
 From my bestest friend in the whole world.
My Darling Husband bought me some gorgeous Dusk candles...
If you  have never had some, they smell absolutely divine
 and are just the nicest candles.

A snuffer and wick trimmer from Hubby too....

This gorgeous hanky pouch, hand embroidered with my initail,
a lovely ceramic plaque with lavender scents and 

a notebook and pen made with gorgeous cutglass and jewels...
all this from my darling friend Vicki ...
thanks Vicki I am blessed cos your my sweet sweet friend 

 Fee sent me a choose yourself gift and I bought this amazing book...
  I have wanted this for so long...ever since it came out.. he he
and now its on its way to me...yippee
 I will think of you when I make it up Fee...which will be soon I hope...
 the title reminds me of you... 
some kind of wonderful dear friend... Thanks x x x...
 Heather gave me a choose yourself gift too x x x x and 
I am going to get the Annie Downs fabric when I find it.
 I will show you as soon as I find it...
 Another dear friend ( Hilary-no blog) gave me a voucher for the local Quilting shop...
 Quilters Odyssey at Modbury has a lovely range of goodies
and I purchased the Pom Pom de-Paris jelly roll,
some needle turn circle shapes 
and a 1/2 mt of Max and Whiskers striped fabric.... so yummy
 From the Forum I am in, the gorgeous girls Thanks Girls x x x x
gave me some Birthday spending money..thinking thinking
I purchased some lovely things.... The pattern above from Broderie
 Some lovely bright paisley fabric 4 mt from our local Spotlight..
I have a pattern in mind for this... 'One Block Wonder' yum yum yumm
 A wonderful Jelly Roll...Little not me but so lovely...
Christmas Fat quarters form Khris, with a little bit of yummy chocky's of course
and a coin purse for my spare change...Thanks Khris x x x
And there's more which I will save for later this week....
 Happy Hugs
 Dawn x x x x

August 06, 2011

Amazing Quilter...beware long post.

Thursday night I had the honor of sitting with 250
or so other quilting enthusiasts
(mainly ladies but a few gentlemen were there too)
at the Quilters Guild of South Australia, Burnside SA.
There to watch a trunk show with Sharon Schamber...
 WOW oh WOW oh WOW... I was gobsmacked.
Sharon allowed us to fondle her gorgeous works, 
as well as get up close and personal
 with the quilts and see her amazing stitches.
 She was such a delight to listen too along 
with her husband Gene (hope that's the correct spelling).
 I was intrigued at her wonderful stitches, 
so so small ( 22 stitches to the inch)
 and her techniques are so foreign to me but they obviously work
Below are some Photo's of her amazing award winning quilts....
 Enjoy pursuing.....

above hand painted and quilted

 Lady in the green dress remade, slightly different to the first
 and such an effort, shame about the first quilt.
 Check out the quilt behind Sharon above

 Here it is close stitching on white.
 Knotted piping to hold it together...fabulous work
 Me next to it
 K for Khristina... thinking of you.
 Amanda's hand close up to see the intricacy...
 I just love circles and this was similar to my Blush quilt pattern...
different technique but same effect

 amazing quilting on it...

 What did I glean for Sharon's advice and chat.
1. Take as much care with each item as required to make you satisfied.
2 Explore other mediums with each new project.
eg: silk threads, beads and piping.
3. Every persons project is a work of art to them. 
Appreciate it with them even if I don't like the design or color!
 They love it and are so very proud of their work.
 4. Go to as many trunk shows and classes
as I can to learn new techniques.

 Sharon spoke on many of her gorgeous quilts
and the inspiration and technique of each,
 It was a wonderful way to spend my Birthday evening

One thing Sharon said she did when doing needle turn applique 
'the Sharon Schamber way' was to use a muslin as the background, 
washed once and hung on the line to dry....yep got that!
 Then for the applique she used 100% cotton,
washed and dried it in the clothes dryer
 and repeated this last step 3 times.
 I wondered about WHY???
and on Friday I realised that by doing this 
the fabric would definitely shrink 
and therefore the count would be higher,
The higher the count the softer and more pliable the fabric.
Don't we all love 12,000 count sheets on our bed to sleep within. 
 Like sleeping among silk, nice and soft and luxurious.
 That's what our fabric will feel like to sew with.
 Next time I needle turn applique I am going to try this.
 Hope you've liked being part of the trunk show too.

  Happy Stitching
Off to sew as my machine is back and waiting for me to play.
 Back tomorrow with some Birthday pressy pictures
 also a Giveaway for 800 followers...

Hugs Dawn x x x