May 31, 2013

Studio Rooms to Dream About!

I want to brighten my sewing room.
It's a very small room and
 has a huge quilt frame in it that takes up most of the room...
 I made a new table top the other day and need some more inspiration.
 So I was browsing Pinterest
 and found these gorgeous rooms...

 This so bright and cheery... I love it..visit HERE

 And Jesse's craft room is just adorable... visit HERE

This picture was found HERE on FLKR

This blog is so engaging, not just the craft room but most of the house
Be sure to visit...HERE
I found these are really inspiring and encouraging 
Do to pop past and have a browse,
 Don't forget to comment or leave a message...
 You'll surely be inspired like I have been.

 Happy Dreaming
 Hugs Dawn x x

May 30, 2013

Quince, quince, yummy...

This last week a friend shared some quinces with me....
 She has a tree in her garden.
 I had never tried them before or even seen one before.

They are in the same family as a pear and an apple.
 They smell a little like a pineapple and vanilla..
 Have a very furry looking skin..
 I decided to cook a few up and make some Quince paste..

You can't eat them raw..they are too bitter.. so they need to be cooked.
 I found this recipe HERE and went to work..
 Usually on the stove top it takes 5 or 6 hours to make Quince paste.
With a Thermomix it takes about 1 1/2 hours.

My kitchen smelt really nice while it was cooking.
Then we had to try it with some Camembert cheese and crackers,
The color eludes me as it should be a redder texture
but the friend who gave them to me said that
 it was tasting good and she's a chef!

It tasted almost exotic to me, 
I enjoyed it heaps, then it was cheese and rice crackers for afternoon tea.
 Next time will be a glass of red , cheese and crackers with quince paste I think.

Now I have some quince's left so will add it too some apple pies I think
 or maybe try some quince jelly......
 I am so glad I tried this fruit and it will definitely be 
a tree maybe to plant in the future..

Sweet Hugs Dawn x x

May 29, 2013

Wow....what a crafty week!

I was just looking at my followers and was
 blown away by how many...almost 1000....999 to exact!
 I am so wow-ed that so many want to
 read my life's doings on this blog...
 This week which I call my good week...
is the week that I feel so good (with Chemo) so
 I try to get lots more done than the previous weeks.
 Now to what I have been doing....well!!!!

  Lots of craft with my girls..
 I was so inspired by this idea that I had to show my girls
 and they jumped in and made one...

 All that was needed was some artist canvas boards,
 some cotton ear buds, and a palette of paints...
 I drew the tree for them and they were off,
 enjoying some ear bud painting.
 I was so thrilled with the were Miss J and Miss K!

 Then it was mummy's time to do some sewing...with Judy!

My friend Judy is a great pattern tester
 and my right hand quilt pusher...he he
 We sat down and had coffee and then I put finishing touches to my quilts.
Jude is always helping me when I need another opinion,
 I bounce things off her just to check.
Or she helps especially when I need pushing to finish something.

And that something this week was a Christmas project for a magazine.
 All finished, pattern now written ready to send off...
I'll show you once it's released in a mag..
 Thank you to all that bought Craftsy patterns this week.
 Be sure to send me some pics of your finished projects.
The winner of my Craftsy Class Giveaway is a big
Congratulations to Vicki T..

 Blogger VickiT said...
That's awesome Dawn. I don't have a blog so hopefully you 
can still consider me in the giveaway. 
I just posted the info about your blog and craftsy store
 to my facebook page which you can double
 check if you'd like. I will email you the link to my page.
 I LOVE the ironing board cover. That's gorgeous.
May 22, 2013 at 3:10 AM

Thanks for sharing my page Vicki.
Please email me and I can arrange your class.

 Happy Sewing this week.

 Hugs Dawn x x


May 24, 2013

Oh Daisy-licious....

This is the most delicious BOM..
 Jenny of Elefantz launched her new BOM today.

 Mondaisy is block one of this new BOM Daisy Days

and its adorable... so fresh and so fabulous....just cute as!

 Don't you just love it!
 You can check out Jenny's blog HERE to see all the photo's
 Or pop into Jenny's Craftsy shop and purchase block one HERE

 I have picked my fabrics and threads to match..going to use a layer cake.
YES its Fig Tree Fabrics again...I just love Fig...
 I have printed out block one
ready to stitch when I get a free minute or two.
 So I am now adding it too my monthly List.
 Want to join in... Pop to Jenny's blog and join the fun!
 there's even a blog for us Daisy-doers too!

 Sweet Daisy Days!
 Hugs Dawn x x

May 23, 2013

Zach is an inspiration!

I was going to show yesterday some table runners  that
I found in blogland  BUT went to bed early as I was so tired.
Then this morning I thought yep I'll blog that 
and then watched something that
 so touched me, and I had to share.
 Have you heard of Zach...

 Zach Sobiech inspires me, and he will you!

 Here is Zach and his Mum...

 It will be the best 22 mins you have spent watching a video..

What an amazing young man and so full of life that
 he shared it so we can live like he did..
 I so want teeenagers I know to grasp this attitude. 
His message, “You don’t have to know you’re dying to start living,” will forever be his legacy.
 He went up to those clouds last week.....

 Zach has an amazing song on Itunes that I can't get out of my head.
 I have never bought an Itunes song but have now....
 HERE it is 
 I don't own a I-whatever you need for it but its on my PC now.
 My girls are singing it too... WOW

 Lets all be inspired today...
Back later with some runners to share.

 Hug someone you love today!
 Sweet Hugs from me!
 Dawn x x x

May 21, 2013

On Craftsy!

  I love paper patterns but also love having a pattern right now
As a designer I have often thought
 do I produce paper patterns or go with PDF patterns.

 (Lesley's Ironing Essentials)

I have to consider that now with technology it is easy
 to have patterns more readily available to everyone.
 It saves time and money to have an instant download.
So PDF patterns seem to be the best option.

(Flora's Floral Delsights)

So considering that, I have decided to join with Craftsy and
 have opened my own store. It's called Sweet Cinnamon.
 Never been to Craftsy then you should click my store link below...
 It's an amazing place to hang out, with free mini lessons,
 great tutorial lessons to buy, patterns galore.
In time all my patterns will be uploaded
 to my Craftsy Store and for you this means 
instant download upon purchase.
You can find my store Sweet Cinnamon HERE  

 (One, Two Charms)

At the moment there are 4 of my patterns ready to purchase
 with instant download. 
 My newest Pattern above and below is available from my Craftsy store now.
 'One, Two Charms' is a delightful table runner pattern
 where you make two table runners from one charm pack.
 I'll share tomorrow a few that have been made in blog land 
recently and wow they look  just gorgeous.

 (One, Two Charms)
Over the coming weeks I will be changing all my patterns to PDF files
 and uploading them into my store too.

To celebrate opening my Craftsy store I am having a giveaway.
 All you need to do is spread the word that I am on Craftsy
 on your blog and tell me you have done so, in your comment below. 

 I will draw a winner on Tuesday 28th May 2013.
 Oh I almost forgot the prize..... 
 And it's a Craftsy prize of course!

I will purchase for you a Craftsy gift card
 to spend on any Craftsy online class.
 These are so informative and you'll have an absolute ball
 choosing and doing your class. 

 Happy Days to you!
 Hugs Dawn x x  

May 20, 2013

Monthly Hit List!

I had been feeling like I wasn't accomplishing much
 on the sewing front so my Dear friend Fee
 and I decided to start a monthly hit list...
 actually Fee's the great encourager!

It's mainly to focus on a project, when not knowing what to sew.
 I have some good days with motivation and want to design heaps,
 finish upteen half done projects, 
but then end up doing not much at all.
This list should keep me focused.
 It's on my side bar to remind me, keep focus...don't be distracted...
umm thats my problem, distractions... sewing ones too.

 Firstly I have done a Rose Star my Rose Star Recovery Quilt that
 I have started ... a little like me, on the road to recovery...
 This is a lovely block and looks fabulous finished 
but takes time, lots of time.
Something I am reminded of throughtout this journey of mine.

 Next is my Berries and Bluebirds, all ready to stitch...
 This is a Gail Pan BOM which you can purchase
 with fabrics or without from your local quilt shop.
I so love the birds and lovely berries,
and am just loving it in my choice Fig Tree fabrics of course.
 I have decided to follow Fee and do blanket stitch around the edges
instead of Gail's version with needleturn..too fiddly for me
My fingers aren't the best for that atm.
 Then there is also Leanne Beasley BOM I started years ago,
 cut all the blocks out sewed them together in blocks and stopped there..
 I know need to do all the stitchery and again lots of time needed...
 But one block a month I might just make it...
stayed tuned for the progress on that!

Do you have some lists? or do you finish before a list is needed?
 I am looking forward to getting some things 
accomplished this next month.

 Tomorrow I'll be launching my PATTERNS on Craftsy
 So come by for a look...maybe a giveaway to launch! 

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs 
Dawn x x

May 01, 2013

Just a little flower or two....

 This morning I woke, cup of tea...  and watched this TUTORIAL
on You Tube and got hooked... he he
 I wanted to try it... and after twenty minutes I had one...
A Somalia African flower..
I had bought this wool (acrylic wool) last year at the end of season.
I bought three colors, pale pink, green and raspberry
plus a larger 500gm ball of white...

 I was inspired to make a crochet blanket 
and when I saw the Somalia Flower I loved it...

 It looked so easy and was explained so well...
I couldn't stop at one flower.....

so two were born.... 
 In the next few days I intend to make a few more...
 I'll show you what I am making them into soon...

 So I'll be sitting back, crocheting the days away,
sipping tea and enjoying our mild Autumn weather.

 Hugs Dawn x x