September 30, 2010

Block Nine - reloaded!

 I have had quite a few emails saying
block nine doesn't work for downloading.
So so sorry for the trouble, a 4shared mishap I think..
I am computer dumb so I am unsure why?
 and maybe me too... It says on an earlier download
block eight not block nine but it is Block Nine.
 Never mind, I have reloaded the pattern  HERE and
 had a friend check it and it seems to work now...
 please let me know if it doesn't....
 and I will privately email you it.
 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x

September 29, 2010

Instructions to finish Frosty Flakes Mini Quilt

Here are the finishing instructions for the Frosty Flakes Bom.
 If you have trouble downloading please don't hesitate 
to email me( or leave a address in your comments)
and I will send the PDF file to you.
(some are having trouble downloading from 4shared today)
 I hope you have enjoyed making this BOM.
 I would love to see your finished quilts.
Leave a comment when you finish
and we can visit you to see your completed quilt.
 Happy stitching
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

Frosty Flakes Block - 'Emerald Delight'

Have you enjoyed making these little mini hexagons.
I did and Here is the last Frosty Flakes Block.
 Emerald Delight is nice green... he he
and to me is so Christmassy.

 But I must admit my favorite ones are the aqua ones...
 Something about aqua blue that I love atm.
 What is your favorite one?
I will load up the finishing instructions tonight
after I have given you a chance to stitch this last block...Lol
 Sweet Stitching Hugs
 Dawn x x

September 27, 2010

Birdcage - Completed

Had you heard of the Birdcage Sew In 
here and here????
 Well I signed up and I am so gald I did.
 I had already made the birdcage out of wire...
 or should I say hubby had.....a couple of weeks back.
 Then I cut out the birds this weekend.... 
deciding on which ones to make was hard
but I eventually made them from the Spool pattern
 I added some wings though... 
to make them a bit more flying bird looking...
 Once cut and sewn together they were looking good....
 Now they looked like little birds with stuffing
 eyes and wings attached... 
some little wooden buttons for decoration
 Then it was time to put them in the cage once
 I had added the strips to the wiring...

 I also added some bows to the sides..
and the top of the cage....
 I was so pleased with the result...
My first thing for my new sewing room..
 I will show it ahnging in there in a couple of weeks..
 I need to paint the room and decorate it.
 Thank you Jenny and Wendy for hosting the sew in.
It made me finish it even if it is a day late...
 Sweet Cinnamony Hugs 
Dawn x x x

September 25, 2010

How could I resist?????

While I was in Western Australia with my busy driving around I did manage to visit a quilt shop... he he.. surprise, surprise

I visited Carol's of Midland and purchased these fabrics for my Dear Jane.
I am keeping a journal of the blocks I make and so thought while I was there I would buy some and make a blocks that reminded me of the wedding and having the fabrics bought in W.A I thought it would be even more special.
I also purchased the fabric below in the 3rd picture as it was too cute to resist...
ever do that... can't go past a cute fabric???

I also received in the mail this week some gorgeous fabric my friend Angela had shown me by Bunny Hill...
(1st and 2nd picture) I couldn't resist so purchased a few yards from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe and Mercantile.
It arrived so quickly and is absolutely gorgeous....
should have bought more....LOL...
now to make something nice with it.
Tomorrow is Red Club day at Patchwork Apple
so I will post what we got up too when I get home...
Until then.
Happy Stitching
Dawn x x x

September 22, 2010

Block 8 - 'Aqua Starburst'

Block 8 of Frosty HERE!
 How are your little snowflakes coming along????
I have visited some blogs and wow
are looking fabulous.....
Maybe we can have a parade when they are finished?
 Next week I will post the final block and the instructions for assembly...
 Happy stitching!
 Sweet Cinnamony Hugs 
Dawn x x x

September 21, 2010

Wedding in W.A.

Here is Miss J and Miss K waiting,
waiting with their little backpacks,
ready to fly to Perth W.A.
for thier eldest brothers wedding.

The Wedding Quilt is finished and all ready and packed.
I made a Schnibbles Plan C quilt.
Made in the Bride and Grooms favorite colors.
Blue, Grey and Yellow.
I love this pattern, it turned out so easy to make.

First the girls got ready, little tiara's on their heads , then in the pretty dresses
the watched the bride get all pretty too.
Oh she was stunning in her beautiful dress.
Here are Miss J and MissK with the bride, Smile for the camera.

Then they walked towards their Brother, the Groom.
Carefully and holding hands.
They waited very patiently while the bride and groom got married.
The Bide and Groom looked so beautiful....
so in love!
The setting was gorgeous and perfect for a spring wedding.
It was held at UWA ( University of Western Australia)
The brides gown was amazing, loads of beading and little tiny crystals,
the brides maternal Grandmother made it
along with all the bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses.
One very Talented Granny!
On the back was the most amazing pin,
It was the brides Paternal Grandmothers
200 year old Scottish Kilt Pin
Something old for sure,and totally amazing.

So happy to be together...
if only for a short time....
Until the next November.

We had a brilliant time in W.A.
everything was just perfect....

No stitching done until today,
now to recover the mojo and get organized
Hugs Dawn x x x

September 13, 2010

A bit early.... Frosty Flakes Block Seven!

I am loving the blocks appearing on Flickr 
of my Frosty Flakes Bom.
Great colors and choices of fabrics. Well done!
 Don't forget to upload yours if you have finished so we can all see.
We are almost finished only two weeks to go....
and then the instructions for finishing...
 Here is Block Seven - 'Glowing Anteres'...
I named this one after a red supergiant star 
the sixteenth brightest star in the Milky Way Galaxy

 and I thought it looked like a super giant star too....
Hope you like stitching your Red Star if you choose red...LOL
Be back Sunday with some wedding pictures to show you...
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x
oops block seven picture but block 5 writing...
will fix next week
when I am back from my sons wedding...

September 10, 2010

Susan Branch?

Have you heard of Susan Branch  
or visited her beautiful website?
A dear friend of mine (J) put me onto Susan Branch by the way of one of her delightful books...  to me they are like written just for me... all written in Susan's own handwriting with the most exquisite hand drawn pictures adorning every page. Such pure enjoyment and intrigue, it's like stepping back to my grandma's days or my childhood with a many memories revealed that make me just laugh and remember my childhood 
with  much happiness...
Susan's world of delight.
 Today I received this parcel from Susan Branch Studios and was so delighted I was squealing ...he he
My two girls were so excited too...
 we opened it with care, delighting in every minute.
 Here is some of the things that Susan so generously sent me... 
Thank you Susan!

with just the most lovely writings and pictures.
 If you have never been to Susan's site do go for a visit HERE!
but take your time, there are so many wonderful things to see and buy and enjoy..
 Also check out Susan's 'From me to you with Love'
 Hope you enjoy the visit to Susan Branch studios.
Love & Blessings to You!
 Hugs Dawn x x x

Dear Sweet Friends..

This last week I have received some beautiful thoughtful gifts from some Dear Friends....
 My Dear Faraway friend Angela sent me this gorgeous parcel
 The girls and have have loved remembering Angela when we play or sew or even sniff this present.
 It arrived a little later than expected and Angela had a very anxious wait for me to say it had arrived...a month later than expected. A game of extra large snakes and ladders.. Some yummy Tilda fabrics.
A sewing set for each of the girls ... how cute!
You see the little monogrammed hanger had some lavender
from Angela's garden and Customs here decided it was not on.
 I received all but the Monogrammed lavender sachet 
from Customs with a great big sticker on it saying....
'Opened by Australian Customs'.. oh No... 
I rang and asked why?? 
and the kindest man said it is a lavender sachet 
and needs to be emptied...
I did not know what it looked like and said
'oh well I wished to have it because its 
from my Friend but if you need to get rid of it do so'...
sniff sniff....
anyway the kind man told me its so
beautiful that he would empty it 
and send it on for me to stitch back up 
(he did ask if I could sew... lol)
the kind man must have eradicated it 
cos he sent the lavender too....
yeah for me.... or he refilled it???...
so sweet and smells gorgeous..
 Thank you  so much Angela...
It is such a blessing 
You are our very special faraway friend..
Forever in our hearts
 PS... I will try calling you again soon, maybe tonight...

 Also I received my belated Birthday present from
Fiona of Mothers Cupboard...
( you see Fiona had a hand operation and
is know just getting back to normal)
So Lovely and kind.... sweet THANKS Fee...
The beautiful shabby fabrics and a gorgeous 
variegated thread with an Owl scissor fob...
 I love the lavender sachet too...smells yummy..
can you tell I love Lavender so much....
also some yummy little hangers ( oops sorry not shown)
 Have a great day and know that your kindness's always blesses
 someone else with a little bit of your Love!
 Be Blessed today!
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
 Dawn x x x

September 08, 2010

Lime Flash...Block Six.... sounds Yummy!

Block Six of 'Frosty Flakes' Bom is now available
 I hope you enjoy this weeks block...
after this we have only three to go....
 and I have only 10 more sleeps till my eldest  Son gets married
 I am so excited as are my two little girls...
they are the flower girls..
and are so excited about being little princess's.
 Back later to show you what came in the mail this last week.
 Happy Stitching 
Sweet Hugs 
Dawn x x x

September 05, 2010

Well done Mrs T Bakker!

You may wonder who is Mrs T Bakker...
well I was so blessed a few days ago when
 I received an email from Shirley.
 Shirley wrote to me with some pictures
of her mums Frosty Flakes hexagons.
 I was so excited and wrote back to ask
if I could show them to you.

Mrs T Bakker lives in Hoek, in the Netherlands,
and is 79 I may add..
and has been making my Frosty Flakes BOM.
 She has the tiniest stitches and her hexi's are just perfect.
Wow Mrs T Bakker you've finished 3 so far
and are on to the fourth one. Well done!
 It is such a blessing to me to see
 these little hexi's sewn by others.
 "I am so blessed that you have enjoyed
 making the Frosty Flakes and I can't wait to see yours finished"
 Thank you for sharing with us.
 Have you made and finished any blocks????
Be sure to add them to the flickr group
 so we can see them too.
 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs for you!
 Dawn x x

September 04, 2010

Rain Rain... oh how I love you!

The last few days we have had lots and lots of rain...
we so need the rain.
 I live in the dryest State (SA)
 of the dryest Continent...
the more rain the better..
What does it mean for me besides wet days?...
No dry washing... hanging on airers in the house...
We can have our water restrictions lifted soon though.. yeah
The more rain the more our water supply goes up.
 Maybe this year the children can enjoy playing
under the sprinkler during summer!
 But for me it means my days are spent inside sewing,
cakes cooking in the oven, heater on,
wearing my snuggly slippers and
playing some of my favorite music while I sew.
the girls are happy to play dolly's and dress ups
 and puzzles and watch me sew... helping too at times.. he he
AND so for two days I have been madly sewing a quilt...
Yes I am mad!... he he
 Heres the peak!
 Nothing like a last minute decision to make a wedding quilt!
 The wedding is in two weeks...
 I decided on Scnibbles Plan C and it went together so easily...
 I must admit after seeing Stina's Scnibbles quilts...
Do have a look they are amazing!
 I had to make one, so decided I would for my DS's wedding, 
It was the perfect opportunity to have a play with Schnibbles.
I chose colors that are the bride's and groom's (DS) favorite colors
 Lemon yellow and grey with a hint of blue.
 This means also I will be making two of them very soon...LOL
 My other son is getting married too!
 I am quilting it tonight when the girls are in bed.

 Don't forget to have a read over at
Gumtrees for our Birthday celebrations.
 Have a wonderful weekend!

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x xx

September 03, 2010

Mummy's Little Helpers...

Mummy's Little Helpers
I am so blessed to have two little helpers.
My girls love to help me around the house..LOL
sometimes it is good help sometimes not...
I wanted to show you this photo of them
helping me photograph the Frosty Flakes Quilt.
 It was early in the morning ( hence the PJ's on miss K), 
sun shining, nice and bright, no wind
usually best time to take outside pictures.
 Not like today where it is gail force winds outside...Brrr
 They held it tight... he he
 and then they said in unison  'ok smile'... 
I had to laugh as I took the pic and missed the bottom of it...
 Such cutey pies...

 Speaking of nice things...
 Have you seen Fiona's new free BOM?
Pop over and have a look and 
start yourself another sew along...he he
 Also have a look HERE it's someones birthday.. he he
 and there's a giveaway!

 Have a wonderful day!
 Hugs Dawn x x

September 01, 2010

Block Five....

Block Five  'Crystal Paraiba' was inspired by the 
tourmaline gemstone found in Brazil....(1989)
its torquoise blue is so pretty.
 Download HERE!
 This week I have been extremely busy
 Wedding preparations!
My eldest son is getting married
 In just over two weeks.... eeek
 I have better find an outfit....
 and shoes for me and hair accessories for the girls...
 At least the little flower girl dresses are all made..
 I think this next few weeks are going to fly by..

 Have a wonderful week stitching....

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x x x