February 28, 2012

Keep Following.

I know this is late and I have agonised over this all week...
 How do I keep track of those blogs I am following...
 I love reading them in Google reader and as of tomorrow no more...
 eek what am I going to do..
 I have 276 blogs in there to read at my leisure..
 Well as of the 1st March Google Connect  = followers is disappearing
 So what can I do to still visit my favorite blogs...
 Save them all individually to my sidebar..or favorites
 How to do it easily???
 I found I could do them all together in one hit..
 So if your following blogs and want to continue reading
without visiting each and saving the URL address
  go to your blog... via dashborad..
 Go to Designs...
 Click ' Add a blog list'
 this box will appear like above.
click 'ADD'
 then another box will appear
 in the box like above click 'Blogs I am following' or 
 'Import subscriptions from Googgle Reader'
 You will then get a choice of all those blogs 
your following or subscribed too.
 Click 'Add' once the list is generated.
 You then go back to the fist box once it has added them.
 They will need to be saved so click SAVE..left hand side
 and your done!
They are now in your sidebar and available via your blog to read..
 I found this easier than any other way to save them..
 Hope this helps!

 Hugs Dawn x x

February 21, 2012

Shrove Tuesday...Pancake Day!

and it's a day my girls look forward to..
 I always loved Pancake day as a child 
and so looked forward to them for tea.
 Yummy Yummy pancakes...usually with lemon and sugar
 for me or homemade jam and some ice cream.
 My girls look forward to it as well, skipping home from school
 getting the ingredients ready and quick mum...mix, mix.
 1 cup of Self Raising flour, 1 cup of Milk and 1 egg

 I then to cook them in a little good olive oil... 

 Then onto the plate to spread with their favorite topping
 Miss K likes them with Golden Syrup...just a little.
 Oh this makes me laugh as
 Miss K does not have a sweet tooth at all...
she won't eat lollies or cakes or sweet biscuits
 But on Pancakes, syrup is a must for her.
 Miss J who loves sweet things has lemon and sugar.. 
more lemon than sugar....has to do it herself too!
 It's almost like they swap preferences just for Pancake Day
 No matter what they gobble them up.

 Does you and your family eat pancakes today?
What do you have on them?..
 Or do you eat something else instead.

 I am having a juice tonight for tea ... yummy too
 filled with lots of Vege goodness...

 Happy Shrove Tuesday!

 Hugs Dawn x x

February 14, 2012

A Small Finish

I have been doing lots of sewing, just none I can share with you yet
It's all secret stuff  but I can show you my 
A1 Dear Jane block I finished last night...
 I had started Dear Jane a long time ago and decided 
I was redoing it, as I didn't like the colors I had chosen
 I had 20 blocks made and will use them in a runner or something
 Now I am pleased with the colors and background I am doing.
 I will use Fig Tree fabrics and seeded Homespun as the background
to make it look old worldy and feed - sacky!
 Now to do some more before I loose the mojo.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x

 Ooh and Happy Valentines Day

February 10, 2012

DO you remember when.....

you had first had your baby/babies...oh how precious they are!
 and how scared you were that you would drop them... I was with them all..
 They are so precious... so fragile and yet so gorgeous.
 The other day I was reading in Reader a blog I follow..
 I don't always get to catch up in Reader..
 anyhow...I read the 'Please Pray' help from Val
 Her daughter May May's friend, Behki and Todd
 are holding out for a miracle...
Little baby Reece is unwell...
she is back in hospital and needs your prayers..
Oh my mother heart went out to them all .
  Please Pray for Reece, Behki and Todd (Mum and Dad) and her siblings.
 Pray for her to be healthy and back home with her family...
 So they can cuddle on her..
be the blessing she is to be in that family.
 We can do for this precious baby girl and her family....
we are bloggers who care...
 I so feel for them all...wanting to hold their baby and have her well.
So if you can spare a prayer tonight please do for this little Reece.
We can join in prayer together and believe that she will be well... 

Thank you God!

 Hugs Dawn x x

Another baby girl goes to school...

I am HOME alone....
 and missing my Baby Girl and her Big Sister..
 The little giggles and Mummy? questions are not as often...
 Cos my Baby started school...yep she is officially a big school girl...
She has gone from being my baby to big girl so quick
She's been the cuddly one (was whiny too a lot of the time..I will explain)
She so loves to follow Big Sister around...
She is always happiest though on Mum or Dads knee...
 Never wanting to be to far from is so sweet  & now we know why!
 Especially when she says..'oh Mum I need you'..LOL. at 5yo
 sometimes it annoyed me when I was cooking or such ,
trying not to trip over her in the kitchen,
or knock her over when I turn around...
 I have many little burns from trying to
avoid burning her with hot pots in the kitchen..
 Annoying too when I am carrying 10 bags of groceries home
and she needsto be picked up
and carried all the way home in tears... 
I asked Why??? a lot of the time
 Why was she not like my other kids?...
Why was she so clingy?...
Last year after hearing for the gazillionth time 'Mum my knees hurt'
 I decided it was too much.....
I got serious after complaining often to a local doctor that I needed more help
 I am sure he thought I was Neurotic....
I took her to the Doctors all the time as a baby 
and had been telling them she complains about her knees.
 Oh it's growing pains!..what in a 1yo ( she just cried lots then),
a 3yo or way... can't be I thought..
Not that I wanted something to be wrong with her BUT
 this is not way should she be complaining...
or me giving her paracetamol to much just to stop the crying...the silent pain
 I have had four children and not heard this in the others.
I have a son who suffered growing pains but not like this
 he complained at night and sometimes when he was tired after sports
 But not like this...I carried Miss K all around all the time..
 she complained day and night
 When I went to the letterbox she'd say " carry me inside my legs hurt'
 This is not a put on or attention like one Pediatrician liked to tell me.
 This is a little girl who is so funny and cute who complained once to often.
 After Numerous Ultrasound's, Xrays and scans...nothing... still lots of pain.
 It's funny how things turn out though...meant to be...
 I was walking up to school one day with another mum from school who was
always hearing 'my legs hurt' and she suggested I look at Hyper Extended joints...
 she is a Remedial Therapist and wondered what could cause the joint pain.
  As we had another Pediatrician's appointment the very next day I said
I would suggest it to them...
and I then googled it as soon as I got home as I do when 
I am unsure of anything...LOL...
I went to the new Pediatrician, she sort of laughed, 'no no' she said......UNTIL
 she checked Miss K's joints... she had 32 Hyper Extended joints that she could note...
 Oh Dear...way too many, so then we had to visit Robyn...
 yeah and answer to this soreness...
Robyn is Miss K's Physio.. 
an amazing lady who understands the condition Miss K has..
 It's called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome... it's inherited and can cause all sorts..
 DH and I are going to see the geneticist in May
to have some biopsy's done to find out more about this condition.
For now Miss K has not as much pain.... and loves School....
She has exercises to do from Robyn... which helps her core muscles...
 Why am I telling you this... Miss K started school...yeah....
 and after the last few years trials with her legs..we are excited for her...
she made it to school and is the big girl she aspires to be...
she still has a little pain but we do the exercises and she feels ok again...
 Will it go away...NO but we know have things in place 
so she will grow to be healthy happy young lady
 and hopefully not suffer for it...
 Thanks for getting this far.... and listening to me ramble ..
 Off to pick up the Misses from school and Movie night tonight...yeah
 I may do some stitching after... I so need my mojo back!
Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x x