March 30, 2010

Some finishes for March.

I have had these 'Melly and Me' 'Fairyland Toadstool'
bags cut out for some time and
decided Easter was a good time for the girls to recieve them.
Nothing to do with Easter but just a good
time for them to get them as a gift from Mummy.
I made the bags in their favorite (for now) colors.
I am so pleased with the result...
Wonder what I would look like with one?...
oh no I won't go there...
I will stay happy with my handbag....
but these are just soooo cute...

I also have made them another 'Melly and Me' pattern...
Dee Dee out of Homespun (79 Vol 10 No 12)
and they look adorable... so cute...
but I can't show you till after Easter or they will see them....
I can't bring them out of hiding without the girls spying them.
I will show you next week, promise.

About 3 weeks ago I entered a giveaway run
by Shasta of Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe:
and I was one of the winners.
Today in the mail came the prize.
I was so thrilled with it.

There are 3 yds of this gorgeous fabric called 'Dolce'
by Tanya Whelan Of Grand Revival.
Thank you Shasta.
Now to decide what to make with it...
Maybe another quilt...
Maybe some gorgeous pillowcases.....maybe?
What would you make from it?

Happy Stitching.
Hugs Dawn x x x

March 28, 2010

PEEP PO whos hiding here!

Peep Po is hiding here.....!
This is my latest quilt pattern.

'Peep Po'
Lap Quilt.

I have to make a few baby quilts as friends are expecting
and so wanted to use some of those gorgeous
fabrics around at the moment with some black to contrast.
I am pleased with the result.
Do you like it?
Do you have a baby quilt to make?
I have added this pattern to my Etsy store
if you are interested in purchasing the pattern.
I have a couple more to make so
keep a look out for the variations of this quilt.

Happy Sewing!
Dawn x x

March 27, 2010

Winners Winners!!!!

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support for
the 'Baseco Mahal Kita' Tote bag pattern.
The response has been incredible.
So far 192 pattern sold $768.00 raised for
the poor in Baseco.
We did this TOGETHER
We can make a difference when we join Hands and Hearts.
Keep spreading the word and help me
reach my goal to raise $4000.00 by selling 1000 patterns.

Now I put all the names of those that purchased
into Random Number Generator
and here are the WINNERS.
  1. Heather - Astor manor
  2. Gayner - Woodland Bloom
  3. Theresa Gaines - Gobble Gobble
  4. Valerie Wood - Recipe for Friendship
  5. Lline - Gobble Gobble.
The winners have been notified by email.
Thank you again for your tremendous support.

Happy Stitching
Dawn x x x

March 26, 2010

Peep Po ... sneaky peek!

Thought I would show you what I have been working on of lately....

only a peek though...he he
I will reveal it all by the end of the weekend...
so you don't have long to wait...
Can you guess what it is ????

Thank you so much to all of you who have purchased
The Baseco Tote bag pattern....
The draw for the Gum Trees giveaway is
just little more than 24hours away...
so if you haven't purchased and want
to go in the draw be sure to purchase your pattern soon.
(see my right-hand side bar)

Hugs and Happy Happy Stitching.
Dawn x x

March 19, 2010

Quilt along update......

I have been busy with lots of other stitchy stuff....
which I can't show you,
but have found a little time to do the
Don't look Now - Joseph's Coat
Not much finished but there is little progress.....
1 x block stitched ( picture was taken before stitched)

Five sets of petal shapes ready to be glued....

Four glued and ready to be stitched down....

I am way behind as I did not know what fabric range to use...
Once I had decided I had to order it and then find some extra.
I am using Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.
Very yummy....(using turnovers and a layer cake)
I am also in the deciding stage whether or
not to do the whole 49 or just 25 or maybe 36...
Must decide soon....
I am very encouraged by other Jacobs Coat
participants progress.
Thank you to Kellie for teaching a fabulous design.
I love the needle turn technique now.
Hugs and Happy Quilt-along.
Dawn x x x
Update: as of 22nd March
4 more blocks glued down ready for stitching...

Baseco Bag update.... 162 sold so far...Thank you to all
I still need your help...
Blog about it and help me reach my goal of 1000.
If you want use a picture from my blog of my Baseco bag
as a button link. Feel free to do so.

March 12, 2010

Red/Pink Baseco!

I have been so inspired by some of the gorgeous
'Baseco Mahal Kita' Tote bags appearing on blogs.

that I decided to make myself one for personal use,
in French General - 'Rouenerries' fabric with some redish handles.
I am pleased with how its turned out. I used a pink color for my stitchery
and chose the pinkish fabrics from the range.
Maybe I'll make another in a blue fabric...LOL...
If you haven't bought a pattern yet and would like to support a great cause.
And you will be entered into the
Giveaway we are having HERE
If you have already purchased a pattern you will be entered in.
Click on the button below

Read all about Baseco here!
or on my previous post below.

I have also started a FLICKR group for those of you who
have made a bag....upload your picture.... HERE

Hugs and THANK YOU for helping me reach my goal of 1000.
Dawn x x x

March 02, 2010

Baseco Mahal Kita.

Ordered - Scrap bag from Moda
The people of Baseco live on a rubbish dump - eat scraps.
Fabric - Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais

In our western culture we do not go without food, unless by choice.
The people of Baseco have no choice
They have no food.
They are starving.
Their children cry themselves to sleep with hunger.

This Bag/Tote has come about because a friend and her family
decided to go to Manila and serve the people of Baseco.
They stayed with some other friends who are missionaries
to the people of Baseco.
They fell in love with a people.
I fell in love with a people.
The Baseco people are like you and I.
they Love, they laugh, they Hope.

Yet they live in Poverty.
I thought how can I help.
I have a family and I sew.
I sew, I sew, I sew.
And sew I did.

The 'Baseco Mahal Kita' Tote.
The 'Baseco I Love You' Tote.

Would you like to make one.
Lets make a difference.
Lets make a Bag

I am selling this pattern through PayPal

or my Etsy site (see sidebar)
If you want to purchase the pattern,
I will send you a PDF via email within 24 hours of Purchase.
Proceeds to go to the Baseco people
through Mark and Christine Pedder.
I will be showing a list on my blog
of those who have bought a pattern.

Can we together sell 1000 patterns.
Blog about it!
1000 patterns is:
10 new homes or
medicine for 1000 children.
Or Emegency relief kits, or Emergency medical kits...
the list goes on.
Read here what happens over there.
Hope you like the bag

Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x

March 01, 2010

Almost ready !

Only a snippet
to show you that there is progress
here in my 'home sweet home'.
Tomorrow I will reveal the bag
I have designed for Baseco....
The pattern will also be available to purchase
with all proceeds going to help people living in Baseco.

Hugs Dawn x x