December 24, 2011

From our House to yours....... Merry Christmas...

 Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas 
and a Blessed New Year from our house to yours.
 May you be surrounded with the Love of Christ and 
His abundant Peace this Christmas Season!

 May the joy of the little childrens faces warm your hearts...
 and the memories of the days gone past fill you with joy....

Merry Christmas
 Warm Cinnamon-y hugs 
Dawn x x x

December 21, 2011

Ho Ho Ho It's Christmas I know....

cos I have no sewing projects to share and 
 Christmas shopping is not done yet, 
no presents to put under the tree..
 and driving in the busy-ness of traffic to get anywhere is awful
 finding a car park even worse....let alone shop for gifts..
 Hubby's now gone out for take-away tonight
cos I just destroyed our dinner...not sure what I did but
 it doesn't look good..tried to rescue it and yak yak yak...
sloppy Tuna Mornay and rice... not very appetising...
 The worst thing is I have made it dozens of times in the past.
so I asked very hungry Mr Cinnamon to taste test 
and he said "eeek its awful"..I thought so too
 Takeaway will do much better tonight...
Then I'll relax and recoup from the last few weeks.
 Been to busy to even think straight...
  Ever get that way that your exhausted???...
 This years been my busiest year for a long time.!

 Chat soon...

 Cinnamony Hugs 
 Dawn x x x


November 30, 2011

Oh my time sure does fly..... too fast

Speaking of Flying...he he
Hubby celebrated his 50th birthday last week
 and hence why I have been a bit quiet around here...
We had 30 guest including family over for a BBQ
 some family and friends travelled all the way from Victoria
to celebrate his BIG 50 with him....He was so pleased.
 Here he is below whispering sweet words to me for getting his present.
I had been saving like crazy to get him his dream present....
 DH had said for such a long time he wanted
 a flight in one of these.....HERE
 So that's what I bought him... something to remember his turning 50..
We are going on Saturday this week and he can't wait....
 He's like a little boy waiting impatiently for his day to fly..LOL
 walking around dreaming of the day..he he
ME...well I will keep my feet firmly planted on the ground Thanks.
 He was booked for the actual day of his Birthday but it
 got cancelled cos the plane was broken...
 It didn't give me much confidence in flying....but glad it's now fixed...
We had some gardening to get ready for the big 50 Party too...
 I don't  like weeds around the place trying to look pretty..
 So our DS Matthew, DH and I weeded and updated the mulch
  the week before the party.....
in the wretched hot weather...35 degrees plus each day..
 It looked fabulous and now with our trees growing madly
 I am happy with the garden... tiring work but so worth it.
 I did manage to plant a few annuals to look pretty 
for the girls and they love them..
 On the sewing front, I only managed to 
get a swap finished before we started gardening
 and nothing for the weeks before and one week after...
I needed to recover...lots of work to do for a home 'Party'
 I am having restaurant Party for my 50th
 that's a few years away though...LOL..
 Now to madly sew a block or two tonight...he he
 Yesterday I did sit and put the finishing touches on my 
Home Sweet Home finished and sewn
Dear friend Jude stitched the doggy block for me...
 Thanks will be forever special.
 Tonight I am sitting stitching this block...

A Giveaway happening real soon too...300 posts...woo hoo
 never thought I would get here...
 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 11, 2011

This week I, I, I.... need a good plan... So plan Be! it is

Lots of things start with a plan....
actually everything does......
 It is possible to not plan to do something...and fail by not planning
 read that again as its confusing....he he
 Failing to plan is planning to fail.
If we don't plan properly to start with - we are planning a fail!
 I am so like that....I don't plan well enough... 
or stick to the plans I have made either... I need to allow enough time as well.
I am always known as a creature of comfort/ habit to my family...
 "all my ducks in a row" as my husband says.... 
but stress when they are not working out that way.
 I am very unorganised of late (I blame my age)
and leave things to the last minute...
then wonder why I am rushed and run of my feet
 WELL today I have had some time to revise...
 mainly cos I have had to rest my sore feet...
(I have planter fascitis)

 I now have Plan Be......
Being Organised with my time
Being Prepared and ready
 Being Ahead before anythings due
 Being Healthy and cooking and eating well
 Being Smart with my time
 and Being Calm and Relaxed
  This last one excited me... 
having a prepared time for me to go to the hairdresser each 6 weeks is good
- not like now I go at the last minute when the grey shows through
 or grab a home kit and do it myself and then stress cos I don't like it...
 or have a regular pedicure and not the day 
before I am going out for a engagement.....
 and then find the Podiatrist is booked,
then I do it myself and my feet look terrible...eeek
 I mean being prepared and scheduling 
regular times so I am ORGANISED... and feel in control.
(source- google images)
 Oh then there's the sewing organisation....
I won't talk of UFO's at this time....LOL
I need to have presents that I want to make in a list in order of need
 and having them ready to do and made well ahead of time...
Not 9 months late with apologies...Sorry Jude.
 I want to accomplish things and not put off...till its a mad rush..
Sorry Chookyblue... almost done..Promise!
 So for me, from today I have made a few plans and
Now need to get my new Diary ready......
Ready for a new ORGANISED me...
 2012 here I come...ready and armed...
 Have you made any plans?....
If not! Try it it's fun! I will show you what I have started to do a little next week!

Happy Planning 
Hugs Dawn x x x

November 01, 2011

I'm still here!

Thanks you for all the kind emails the last few 
days on where am I ....I am ok and I am still here...
 I have had  some crazy weeks with State Dinner's for Archery,
Masters games for Archery for Mr ASAC,
 sports day for DD1, quilts to do, patterns to write...
 and general life keeping me time poor...

These are a few quilts I have been stippling for
others this last couple of weeks. sorry about the photography...
not a good point for me...

 An amazing jelly roll quilt... they look fabulous
 and both are so different....but equally gorgeous
 This is a Bargello quilt, that blew me away...
 I must admit I have never liked a Bargello but this quilt...
 WOW factor for sure...all those tiny pieces... 
wonderful and fabrics that I would not normally put together...
I also had the privilege of stippling a
 Baltimore quilt for a friend. It was gorgeous and
I certainly took my time with her precious quilt.
 I have now got to catch up on things for me...
 Off to stitch while watching some X-Factor....
 I am almost done another block Chooky!

 Sweet Hugs

 Dawn x x x

October 23, 2011

Dear Jane too????

Over the last few years I have been stitching 
away at these few blocks from Dear Jane.
  I have another 12 or so done too... BUT
 I am not even liking the color I have chosen anymore.
 Do you do that???? change your mind, 
change you choice of fabrics.
 I need to get organised and make it, not let it be a UFO...
While talking with Vicki on the phone the other night, 
she too was slowly plodding away at her Dear Jane.
 We discussed the idea of doing our quilts together, 
not in the same room sort of sewing....
just encouraging each other to do so many a week or month.
 Thats when the idea of a shared blog together 
and for others also to be encouraged ...
Those of you who have started their Dear Jane quilts
 or want to start and to keep the excitement going
We can finish that quilt, together..
 Sharing and plodding through the  Dear Jane journey together.
Janiac's Unite was decided upon.
 Why that name? We all need a name for our blogs 
that reflects us and what we are about.
 We are about uniting in the journey together with our Dear Jane quilt.
Would you like to join us on our Dear Jane journey.
If so visit HERE, leave a comment and Vicki or myself 
will send you an invite to join the Janiac's Unite blog.
 One thing we ask is you post once a month at least.
Post about your progress and blocks you have made.
 Encourage others to keep journeying.
 You can post more often if you want to, its up to you.
We need to Unite and get those Dear Jane's finished.

 Below is the button for your blog sidebar if you'd like to use it.
 Right click and save to your computer.
Then add the address link below 
to your picture once it's on your sidebar.

 Vicki and I would love you to join us on this journey, 
 we look forward to sharing it with you, 
and seeing your fabulous quilt come together.
Happy Janiac Quilting
 Hugs Dawn x x x

October 20, 2011

Chiselled Runner....

 I so love my Go is amazingly quick to cut out with 
and makes quilting so much easier.. not fiddly cutting.
 I have used 26 colored chisels and 26 white background chisels.
  The finished table runner.... nice and bright and scrappy...
  was made in about 2 hours all up including quilting and binding.

I straight lined quilted it... so simple yet so effective.
 scrappy is so nice when you don't look and just sew together....
especially when using Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 That was a hard lesson for me... just sew, don't look...
I find that really really really hard cos I like matching...Do You?
 I have just cut out another 40 or so chisels for my lap quilt...
can't wait to finish that....
But first off  to stipple quilt some other peoples gorgeous quilts...
 If you want some Free Accuquilt patterns 
you can get 22 Free patterns if you sign up for them Here.

Happy Quilting

 Hugs Dawn x x x

October 14, 2011

A little bit of.....

Stitching.... it's my kinda therapy..
 For those times I just want to not think about things...
 I grab a stitching project, 
 (Only 3 stitchery blocks to go on my Gardeners Journal..)
A good old movie or two and 
 sit and stitch....
so that's what I am doing tonight.....
 not thinking about any kinda stuff.....

 Have a great night....
 Hug someone!
 Love someone!
 Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x x

October 11, 2011

GO Baby - winner.

 Thanks you all for you lovely comments,
I would recommend purchasing one of these babies
do try to purchase one its so worth it. 
I am having lots of fun with mine.
 And the Winner....drum roll please.....
..... dum dum dum dum dum ....

 NO 58 is the winner of a GO Baby

58. Larissa said...
I am loving the fabrics you've chosen in each of your items!! Especially the half hexagons!! And those layouts for the quilt and table runner are perfect!! I think if I got the chance to own one of these little "Baby's" I would use the Tumber 3.5", Chisels (yes, looking at yours is inspiration enough!), and the apple core. Thanks for the chance to win one!!
yes Larissa that's you....
and just looking at the time you commented
you may still be awake.
 Email me with your snail mail details.
 And BIG Thank you to Accuquilt for an amazing giveaway and product.
 Happy days to all!
Sweet Cinnamon-y  Hugs
 Dawn x x x

October 10, 2011

More What's your Name?

I have thouroughly enjoyed reading
all of your Blogs name inspirational stories.
Have you visited some new blogs and read about
how they came to pick their name?
 I thought that as its been so much fun I would keep it going, 
so if you still want to keep reading 'What's your Name?'
 I have added a page at the top of my blog
( just under my blog header picture)
 Just fill out the linky and we can read your Blogs Name Story...
 Then we can visit and read new blogs as they come up...
  I have drawn the winner for the Charm pack with Mr RNG
and the winner is.....
I couldn't beleive it.... Mr RNG is having one of those days today
 He picked No1 after me saying to a friend recently
he nevers picks the first or last numbers...LOL
 He has this time, so could 'Mice in the Mix' send me an email
with your snail mail address so I can get a charm pack out to you.
 Thanks to all for particiapating it has been so much
fun reading your Blog name stories..
 Remember the fun continues, look for the page at the top
 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x
 'What's your Name' and join in the fun.

October 05, 2011

Sunshine Melody

 Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun
of finding 'Whats your name'.
 I so enjoyed reading many of them and how your blog got it's name.
I am keeping the fun open till  the 10th so others can join too. 
 Don't forget also to enter my 'Go Baby' give away HERE
 That means 2- Mr RNG draws on the 10th and 
announced on the 11th... exciting stuff.
 Got to be in it to win it!

Back to the title 'Sunshine Melody'

sounds like I want to break out in song and sing
maybe even dance and twirl around... 
Oh I do at times... it's fun being silly.
'Sunshine Melody' is my latest quilt
pattern and it's in Homespun this month, Vol 12:10
I so love this quilt, the yellows and the prettiness of the flowers.
 I used a charm pack that was a favorite of mine. 
'Spring Magic' by April Cornell for Moda...
It's a pretty and sunshiney.... 
Just perfect for a little girls bed...or a big girl like me...LOL
 For my overseas readers, the pattern is available in my Etsy Dec 2011/Jan 2012
For those who visited Peg's blog and saw the F.R.I.E.N.D.S 
pressies I sent her as part of the FRIENDS swap.
 Here they are again....(picture from Peg's blog)
 I had a few people write me about the Iron caddy and Peg bag Pattern.
The pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop.
All my patterns in Etsy have all been updated 
and are at the low price of $4.00 US.. 

Happy Stitching
 Many Hugs
 Dawn x x x

October 04, 2011

What's your Name????...

After having a conversation with some friends today
 about how we choose a blog name and what it is.
I have always wondered when visiting blogs
 where did they get the name for the blog.
We had a laugh at a few...he he
What's the reason behind the name???...
 Some are quirky and some very cute, some just roll off the tongue, 
 some make a statement, some are just because.
 I thought it would be great to find out.
 Why?? What's your name!
 Want to win a  Moda charm pack??? lets have some fun...
Just because!...
As well find out what motivated you to name your blog what it is.
I would love you to join me and explain
 "What's your Name and Why"
 My reason for 'As Sweet as Cinnamon'
- Its the meaning of our youngest daughters name.
 We love her name and the meaning is so special...
 She has the sweetest temperament and is even sweet to smell..
 her name also means Most Beautiful... 
actually both our girls names mean most beautiful
 and they are to us just that... he he...we are very biased.
 I also love, love, love Sweet Cinnamon Scrolls 
and have made them every Christmas for ages..
so it just was fitting to be a blog name.
Hugs Dawn x x x

October 03, 2011


Peg and I are friends... we sort of new each other before,
we would comment on each others blogs... you do when you like the blog look! he he
and are buddies on a couple of joint blogs.
So when Khris put us together in the Friends Swap,
I jumped and said yippee, yippee!
I know Peg....
 Peg is an amazing stitcher and quilter,
she also is a fantastic encourager,
just to see her amazing work is delightful.
You inspire me! Thanks Peg!
Where am I heading, well on Friday
 My F.R.I.E.N.D.S. swap parcel arrived....
Wow, I had sent mine to Peg the same day
so Peg will be getting her parcel this week.
 I offered to wait but as it was so tempting and 
Peg was ok with me opening them, so I did... Wow..
 Wow ....WOW...I was blown away with the
amazing generosity of this beautiful lady.
 Every Gift handmade and so so beautiful...
 F ....For the Future Christmas wall hanging...

R ....Rotary Cutter holder.... Oh I needed one of these hey Jude..LOL

 I ....interesting table runner.... very and in my favorite fabrics-Fig Tree
E ....every day armchair caddy - just what I needed
N .... notebook.. just perfect for my secrets...LOL
D ....designed by Peg, Mug rug... 
and its fabulous as a little doily on my dresser.
S ....shoe bag.... just perfect for my very special wedding shoes.
 And now they are hanging on my wardrobe...

 THANK YOU so so much PEG
You have truly blessed me with these very special gifts.
 I will treasure them and smile each time 
I look at them and remember you.
 Your parcel will be there soon. x x x
 It's on it's way....

 Happy Days All

 Dawn x x x

September 30, 2011

I think its going......

to be a huge time saver/consumer for me...
I am so loving my Go Baby Chisels die...
I have now made about 100 or so
 blocks and I am currently sewing the blocks together.
 I decided on two different versions..
This one below for a table runner...yummy
 And this one for a quilt... can't wait to get it finished.
Hopefully I can this long weekend in South Aus....X X fingers crossed!
I also cut out these for a friends quilt this week  and
I want to make it very soon...
but I didn't use the fantastic Go Baby......
 Wish I had as it took a lot longer to cut 80 half hexagons...

 Now you too can have the chance to own a 'Go Baby' and save time as well as
 be totally inspired by all you can make with the amazing dies available.
 I have been given the opportunity to offer a Go- Baby
to give away..... wow isn't that fabulous...

 I am excited as you too could be having some 
fun playing with this fantastic Go Baby ......

Visit the Accuquilt shop HERE
 and look at/dream about the dies you would like to play with
 Then let me know which 3 you choose to go with the 'Go Baby'
 This is open to everyone worldwide....
But please only one comment per person.
 I will take comments up until Oct 10th and
 announce the winner on the 11th.

Would you like to have some Free patterns also
 Sign up HERE for their free patterns...
And if you have Facebook you can LIKE them too...
 you then get to here all the news on new stuff as it happens,
like patterns, dies and give-away's too.

 Happy Dreaming

 Hugs Dawn x x

September 27, 2011

'Out of the Box' is finished.

Vicki and I have had so much fun doing this BOM.
 The results are amazing and I have the
quilt hanging proudly in my front entrance.
 I have a favorite block but when I look at it another time
I love a different block....
What is your your favorite block on your quilt???
The instructions to finish it are ready for you to puchase.
You could do it anyway you want though and
use them on anything like a bag or folder or cushion.
 I must say take a look at Vicki's finished quilt Here
 It looks fabulous and I just love the little details Vicki added to the finished quilt.
 I would love you to show your quilt in our Flckr group.
 If you have missed the opportunity to download this BOM
it will be available as a pattern from my Etsy site
as of the 1st of October for $6.00Aus.

 I also have a newsletter coming out in October so join up now
 to receive my newsletter with exciting tips, reviews, free patterns,
 giveaway's  and also with links to great places to shop as well.
 Guest shop news too. So sign up today top right hand corner.
I do not share your email address's with any 3rd party,
so your private information stays that way...Private.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x

September 25, 2011

Chisels, Chisels...Go Baby

I have been playing with my Go-Baby from Accuquilt and the
Chisels die and having a absolute ball.
Thanks Accuquilt for making such a wonderful much needed quilt accessory
To say its amazingly easy to use is not always convincing 
enough when reading from a blog
 but believe me, it sure is easy to use,
just like child's play as Miss K shows you.
The die is so easy to use in the Go Baby.
 Just place your fabric on the die cutter
place the cutting mat on the top 
and put it through the Go-Baby and perfect chisels turn out,
 it even has no dog ears to trim, all done for you.

and how easy it was, so easy in about half an hour
 I cut about 80 of them out, so simple and quick
I had a little play on my cutting board with some

then I cut out some white Homespun for contrast
and stitched them together ....perfectly matching the corners.
real excitement, to see them come together as this
 was usually where I get a bit miffed with my piecing.
 I want perfect accuracy in my piecing, and I hate it
 when sewing a 45 degree angle or any angles at that,
 it goes a bit skewif (crooked), I then get a little annoyed
 well not a little a LOT annoyed..Do you??
 I hate to unpick, but will do it if needed, as I have get it right.
 Well this is the best part of the Go-Baby...
NO NO NO crooked pieced blocks...Perfect every time...
all perfect YES just perfectly matched and all dog ears gone too.

So that's how my pile has grown to many, many, many chisel blocks...
then some more arranging them in whatever way I like...
 and I like it lots of see this one die (chisels) 
can make many different quilt arrangements.

all one way...
butted up together....

 this way and that way.....
two rows together.....
 Now I am going to have lots of fun deciding which way to sew these
 I think this die will get a work out for sure...
 and also to play with the two other dies,
Ribbons and Twists and Aeroplanes that I had sent me 
 I think also some pressies for Christmas might include a die or two.
 Please Mr 'Sweet as Cinnamon'.... x x x

GO Baby Hugs
 Dawn x x x x x